Tuesday, 30 December 2014

For Anujah

Hello, friends. 

This is an advanced birthday greeting post to my friend and colleague Anujah! :)

Anujah's birthday falls on 31st Dec, the last day of the year. Since I've already given her this present, I can now share it here. :) It's one of my favourite asymmetrical necklaces, which I shall go into detail about (oh you bet I will, hehe) further down in this post. First up, pictures!
 An asymmetrical necklace in the style of the Eternal Flame necklaces, but instead of a heart, capped off with a magenta faux pearl, a clover link, and the star of the show - a ruby baroque Swarovski pendant. 

 Named Royale because the pendant is very royal and regal-looking, much like Jah herself! Gotta love the rich ruby shade of the pendant, matched with the magenta faux pearl. The Swarovski pendant is very intricately cut, with many facets. Also, this necklace can be adjusted to different lengths by moving the infinity link up and down - very versatile to match your different blouse/dress necklines. :)

Item Code & Name: 327 Royale
Price: RM35.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Infinity Link, Magenta Faux Pearl, Clover Link, Ruby Baroque Swarovski Pendant
Measurements: Approximately 44cm (including clasp), drop = 4.5cm (length adjustable to whatever you want it to be!)
Check out the present I made for Jah last year - also in the same rich wine tones. :) *click here*
If you like asymmetrical things, click here!

If you'd like to order anything, just email me at

Happy blessed birthday, Jah. :) Hope the new year brings about exciting adventures, moments of great joy, and lots of love!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sunday Stylefile #8

My heart is heavy - yet another airline incident. Praying for the passengers of QZ8501. Hope you're safe somewhere. Please be safe, somewhere. Three Malaysian flight carrier incidents in 2014. Three too many. :(

This shall be a brief Sunday Stylefile post, featuring one of the accessories from the Jars of Clay collection. This is the pretty Porcelain bracelet, made of white, blue and black Lun Bawang beads that somehow resemble the old porcelain jars from ancient China with intricate blue paintings. 
I have matched this bracelet with three dresses that have similar colour themes and/or traditional motifs -

On ze left, be bold and stunning in this Baroque Floral Cap-Sleeved Dress from Dressabelle.
In ze middle, look elegant and refined in this Midnight Renaissance Wrap Dress from Whitesoot.
On ze right, rock the sailor girl look in this Royal Blue and White-Striped Dress from Hutz Fashion.

*Disclaimer* I own not the images above, they are from the sites that I have credited. 
Click on the links to go buy them pretty dresses. :)
 The Porcelain bracelet can be purchased at 10% off from now till the next Sunday Stylefile post. Originally RM20, it''ll now cost RM18. Check out more pictures of the bracelet here.

Good night and stay safe, my friends.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Kelsey's Keychains

I'm baaaaaaack!

Back with a bang!
Or should I say "back with a clang"... you know, the clanging sounds that keys make? Coz this post is about keychains? No?

That joke kinda fell flat huh. It's been too long since I last blogged; gotta get back that joking mojo. I blame my current immuno-compromised state! It's not my fault that I'm not firing on all cylinders! So anywaaaay.

This post is about a couple of keychains that my long-time customer Kelsey customised for herself and her friends! The base of the design comes from this keychain that I made as a farewell present for Ai Li some months back. These three keychains have separate colour themes, a different charm, and different alphabets. :)
Matching blue, pink, green keychains for an inseparable set of friends!
 The one that bears the closest resemblance to the original keychain, this one has frosted blue and aqumarine chinese crystal doughnuts.

Item Code & Name: 324 Fair Winds and Following Seas (Customised)
Price: RM13.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes 
Materials: Frosted Blue & Aquamarine Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Sailboat Charm, Alphabet Charm, "Live Laugh Love" Charm
 Sweet rosaline and bright pink chinese crystal doughnuts, accompanied by the alphabet S and a flower filigree.

Item Code & Name: 325 Pretty Pink Posies (Customised)
Price: RM14.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes 
Materials: Rosaline and Bright Pink Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Flower Filigree, Alphabet Charm, "Live Laugh Love" Charm
For Kelsey herself - chinese crystal doughnuts in olive and sea-green shades, the alphabet K and a deer charm.

Item Code & Name: 326 Into the Woods (Customised)
Price: RM14.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes 
Materials: Olive Green & Sea Green Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Deer Charm, Alphabet Charm, "Live Laugh Love" Charm

To order, or customise stuff for yourself / your friends, just drop me an email at

That's all for today. 
Hope all of you have been having a great Saturday so far. 
See you soon for more new content!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello one and all!

I am back - back to wish you a Merry Blessed Christmas and good tidings to all. :)

Hope you've been having a good break and that you don't have to work/study for the rest of the year. 

I'm feeling a little grinchy as I've been having some sort of bacterial infection (at least that's what the doctor thinks it is), which is accompanied by fever, chills, a very sore throat, and now has the added symptoms of swollen gums and swollen lymph nodes at my neck region. FUN! So I do hope that your Christmas is going better than mine. 

Then I am reminded of that story of Joseph and Mary so very many years ago, who travelled far and wide and could not find an inn to lay in while Mary went into labour -- Mary giving birth to little baby Jesus in a manger - all for us. The greatest gift of all. 

Hope you have a reflective and warm remaining 2014 - regular posting shall resume soon when I have had enough rest and hopefully rid myself of all this cursed bacteria. One can hope.

Feliz Navidad!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Spotlight - Christmas

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes
Christmas is all around me and so the feeling grows
It's written in the wind, it's everywhere I go
So if you really love Christmas c'mon and let it snow

Does anyone else love this hilariously Christmassy song from Love Actually? Also, Love Actually - one of the classics for Christmas, and one of the romantic comedy classics of our generation. :)

 Soooo I'm still on holiday, but since Christmas is just around the corner, this is a spotlight post that casts some bright wintry light on some of the Christmassy creations from Dainty Little Trinkets!

 (The names of each trinket link to the original posts!)
 Winter Wonderland (RM23)
 Poinsettia (RM18)
 Anna (RM18)
 Morning Star (RM12)

That's all for now - I'll be back from holiday soon with some new trinkets to feature!

I'll leave you with the Love Actually scene where Christmas is All Around is being recorded (excuse the swearing, hehe). :)

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Sunday mornin'
Rain is fallin'
I'm still holidayin'
So this is a scheduled post. :)
(Also it's Sunday evening and it may not be raining, but I claim artistic license. Or gratuitous lyric-stealing license.

Sometime last year, I posted the Hearts and Lace collection, which included this pair of earrings that I like quite a bit. Here are some swarovski bicone colour variations!

Violet, light sapphire (the original) and aquamarine.
They're also available in rose, blue zircon and carribean blue opal. :)

Fun fact: my pictures are normally photoshopped to attain a fully white background, but it is sometimes über difficult to do so when you are featuring items with white in them. White lace is a nightmare. So here you have a semi-gray background, to give you a behind-the-scenes look of what we go through from the creation of the trinket, to the photo-taking, to the final presentation (coupled by nonsensical rambling). All in a day's work!

Item Code & Name: 107 Noelle
Price: RM8.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Lace Flowers, Heart Links, Swarovski Bicones


Saturday, 20 December 2014

For The Little One

This day, Saturday 20 December, is the day my little brother officially graduates with Honours and is released into the scary postgraduate world. I am currently away and have most likely just spent my Saturday morning being bored to tears by the graduation ceremony in some majestic-looking hall somewhere in Melbourne. With my luck, it will be 38 degrees like it was during his graduation last year. Oh the sweltering heat and the gaping hole in the ozone layer above Australia! *pengsan*

Anyway, since it is the little one's graduation date and all, this post is dedicated to him. (Also, he's at least a head taller than everyone else in my family, so he's not little at all. But once a little bro, always a little bro - I'm sure some of you can relate.)

My brother is as big of a Harry Potter fan as I am, so this is a plain and simple Deathly Hallows keychain to accompany him through his many more years away from home.
Unfortunately, this ain't available because I don't actually have any antique brass keychains available (I recycled this one from an existing trinket I had lying around). But if you're a fan of all things Harry Potter, never fear! Check out more stuff here!

Little one, I'll leave you with this quote from the indomitable, quirky and ever-wise Dumbledore:
'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.'

Remember this as you face each challenge that comes your way.

I'm very proud of you.
Much love,

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Spotlight - Asymmetry

- zis is a scheduled post as yours truly is still on holiday -

Now you must be wondering - why the blazes is there a picture of some lady with a cool hairstyle on a site that is supposed to be about handmade trinkets? To be fair, if you are the sort to pay attention to titles, you would've rightly deduced that this post is about asymmetry and the reason why that picture is here is because of her gorgeously stylish asymmetrical hairstyle.

I am in general a fan of logic and order and symmetry, though the occasional asymmetry does spice things up a little. So here is my little ode to asymmetry, as you can see in the pictures below. 

 Daenerys & Drogo (RM8) - but currently on sale!


 Cyan Blooms (RM9)

Nebula (RM34)

So if you like asymmetrical things, check out the asymmetrical tag for more goodies!

(replies may be slow as I am in the land down under)


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Spotlight - Colourful Clay

You know the drill -
I am still on vacation and this is a scheduled post!

Today's spotlight post will feature all things made from polymer clay!
First, have a pretty colourful picture:

Isn't it amazing, the kinds of things humans can craft from clay? There is truly no limit to creativity (well, there's a limit to mine, but not some other creative souls). Aside from colourful clay jars and all sorts of beautiful decorative items, polymer clay has been used by all sorts of arty farty people to create gorgeous little charms and beads. 

Over the course of this year, I've purchased quite a lot of beautiful clay charms and beads, so here are some accessories featuring them (click on the names to go to the original posts for more pictures)!
 I Believe (RM22)
 Porcelain (RM20)
 Lil' Shroom (RM12)

How adorable are those mushrooms above, yeah?

So go forth and browse and email me at daintylittletrinkets@gmail.com to purchase stuff!

I'm still on vacation, so email responses may take a few days, so please bear with me yeah.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Estella - Customised

Still on vacation!

As you are reading this, I am probably walking along the crater of a long-dormant volcano in Mount Gambier. Cool, huh? Super cool! One of the key tourist attractions of the Mount is the Blue Lake, which is this gorgeous, brilliant blue. 

Which brings me to the point of this vacation post. 

Way back when, I posted this black lace bracelet, accompanied by the Silver Night Swarovski Heart - a classy, stunning affair. Here's something customised for Loretta - the same black lace, with a change in Swarovski Heart - a striking Bermuda Blue.
A black lace band, followed by a jet black chinese crystal doughnut and the most beautiful of all Swarovski hearts (in my humble opinion). 

Item Code & Name: 221 Estella (Customised - Bermuda Blue)
Price: RM18.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Black Lace, Jet-Black Chinese Crystal Doughnut, Bermuda Blue AB Swarovski Heart
Measurements: Approximately 16cm (including clasp) (Remakes can be adjusted to the customer's wrist length)

Click on this link to see more pictures of the original bracelet!
If you'd like Swarovski hearts of a different colour, just email me to find out more!

Since I'm on vacation, my replies may come late yeah.

Thank you and good night!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Spotlight - Flowers

You don't bring me flowers
You don't sing my love songs...

Haha, okay. This is not that kinda post. We are not about to be jiwang here. Today's scheduled post is about all things flowery and beautiful! Firstly, feast your eyes on this gorgeous photo:

Flowers are truly a magnificent creation of God - so striking, so colourful, so exquisitely intricate. Here are some creations that feature pretty flower cabochons and beads!

(Click on them trinket names to go to the original posts!)
 Demure Daisies (RM18)

 Cyan Blooms (RM9)
 Mint Garden (RM14)

So that's my little tribute to flowers. Hope you've liked it.

In the meantime, check out two collections dedicated to flowers -

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Spotlight - Inspired by Books and Movies

Hi hello from the land down under!

Why yes, my brother is graduating yet again, and I am in Melbourne yet again, like the awesomely supportive sister that I am. :) What this means is that I will be missing for a while from the Internet, and in my absence, I have scheduled a bunch of posts so you won't miss me too much. Heehee.

The first of these vacation posts will shine a spotlight on one of my pet-topics - the books and movies that I love! The three book/movie series that I love most have a lot in common - they are all epic stories of the struggle of good against evil, they are set in fantasy lands far away from reality, they feature flawed, believable protagonists that you love and root for and cry with, and all have spanned multiple books and movies and inspired legions of fans.
I'm talking about Harry Potter, the Hunger Games and the Lord of the Rings, of course. Such epic sagas of love, honour, courage and hope. I could go on for days, but I shall not bore you with all my rambling. Instead, I'll feature some pieces that have been inspired by these wonderful works of fiction. 

(The names of each trinket link to the original posts!)
 Patronus (RM18)
 Mockingjay (RM15)
 Tree of Gondor (RM20)

There are more accessories and trinkets inspired by these lovely franchises, which you can check out here:

Email me at daintylittletrinkets@gmail.com if you'd like to order something!
My replies may be slow as I'm on vacay yeah, sorry!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Vintage Rose

One day to my holiday!
Excited I am.

I'll be on vacation from 10 Dec - 25 Dec, so replies may be few and far between. 

Today's post features one of the favourite things that I have made myself. Keeping with this little blogshop's name - the earrings are dainty and simple, and I am a firm believer of beauty in simplicity. :)

Here's Vintage Rose - 

Vintage pink rose cabochons on intricate antique-brass filigrees, followed by dusty pink faux pearls. I'm very much in love with the vintage look of this pair of earrings - the vintage pink shade of the roses blending in so well with the antique brass, and the dusty pink sheen of the faux pearls.

Item Code & Name: 323 Vintage Rose
Price: RM11.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Vintage Pink Rose Cabochons, Antique Brass Flower Filigrees, Dusty Pink Faux Pearls

 If you like antique brass trinkets, check out more here!

This pair of earrings can only be remade once, because I only have 1 set of vintage pink roses left! So email me to grab it if you like it! (Replies may be slow if I am travelling and without internet).

 Hasta la vista!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Strawberry Latte

Hope everyone has had a nice and restful Sunday. :)

Today's post showcases the companion piece to the Suede Braids bracelet that I made for mummy. While mummy's is composed of sombre dark gray and dark purple suede with a dash of bright carolina blue, with silver findings, this one is in sweet and warm colours, with antique brass findings. 

I hereby dub it Strawberry Latte, for reasons which are obvious and shall be elaborated on in glorious long-winded detail.
 Braided suede in shades of sugary pink, beige and brown, resembling that of a strawberry-flavoured latte (Oh Starbucks, can you work on this drink please? Especially to make up for the fact that you are no longer serving my precious Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino). I am quite in love with this combination of colours, especially when paired with antique brass findings.
 At the end of the braided bracelet is an adorable little wing charm. It's one of the things I just had to buy when I started buying antique brass charms.
Item Code & Name: 322 Strawberry Latte
Price: RM15.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Pink, Beige and Brown Suede, Wing Charm
Measurements: Approximately 16cm (including clasp)

Remakes are of course adjustable to your own wrist size. This one is freakishly small because my wrists are freakishly small. :)

If you like the sugary shade of pink featured in this bracelet, check out Fairy Floss Christmas too!

Reminder that I'm going on vacay soon! (Can't hardly wait). Read more here.

If you like stuff with wings, check out some silver winged trinkets here, here and here!

That's all for tonight.
Thanks for reading, folks.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Suede Braids

Hello, if you are reading this on Saturday (during the day), chances are I'm working. :(

Anyway, I've scheduled this post beforehand as I'll have no time to write one on Saturday itself.

It's been a while since mummy featured on this blog, so here's a post about something I made for mummy! So a while back, I bought a bunch of faux suede, with which I've had a lot of fun braiding. 

With the new colours, I've made this fairy-floss-coloured Christmas-themed bracelet (*click here*). I've since made a suede braided bracelet for meself, and a somewhat matching one for me mum! Today's post features the one made for mummy --
 Dark gray, carolina blue and purple suede braided in a French braid, capped off at the end with an "inspire" charm.
 This shows a clearer view of the colours and the braid - mummy wanted something in darker colours so that's what she gets!
Item Code & Name: 321 Suede Braids
Price: RM15.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Carolina Blue, Dark Purple and Dark Gray Suede, Inspire Charm
Measurements: Approximately 16.5cm (including clasp)

This is made for dainty hands as the mummy has a skinny wrist. Let me know if you want something similar at a different length, or with an extender chain! If you like suede, check out more stuff here!

Here's how you order.

Thank you and happy weekend!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sail Away - Customised

Hi hello friends!

On Tuesday, I featured this pair of earrings customised for my friend Ai Li. Today, I'm featuring two other items customised by Ai Li, because she is an avid supporter of my business and an all-round awesome person!

Ai Li is a sailor and thus has many sailor friends! Here are two bookmarks she customised for her sailor friends - one in sweet pastel shades, one in sleek dark shades, perhaps indicative of their preferences and their personalities. :)
On the left, a sleek silver-and-black bookmark. On the right, a sweet pink-and-purple bookmark. Both featuring an adorable sailboat charm, to accompany you as you sail through the different universes and fantasies that your books create. 
 A soft lilac faux pearl followed by a rosaline crystal encased within a round double-twisted ring, a dark purple round-faceted chinese crystal, and a sailboat charm.

Item Code & Name: 319 Sail Away (Pastel)
Price: RM14.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Soft Lilac Faux Pearl, Rosaline Chinese Crystal Doughnut, Dark Purple Round-Faceted Chinese Crystal, Round Double-Twisted Ring, Sailboat Charm
A dark silver faux pearl followed by a silver-black crystal encased within a round double-twisted ring, a jet black round-faceted chinese crystal, and a sailboat charm.

Item Code & Name: 320 Sail Away (Dark)
Price: RM14.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Dark Silver Faux Pearl, Silver-Black Chinese Crystal Doughnut, Jet Black Round-Faceted Chinese Crystal, Round Double-Twisted Ring, Sailboat Charm
 So whether you prefer to be sweet and demure, or sleek and cool, there are different colour schemes for you! This bookmark is smaller than the other engraved/patterned bookmarks that I have featured, hence the lower prices! :)

If you'd like to customise something for yourself or your friends, I'm just an email away!

If you like all sorts of sailor-related marine-themed sea-loving creations, check out some more stuff here, here, here and here!

Please note that I'll be going on vacation soon yeah, so you'll have to order fast in order to get your stuff before Christmas! Read more here

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fleur de Lune - Customised

Back to our regularly-scheduled posting, here's yet another pair of earrings customised by my friend and frequent feature Ai Li, who is currently frolicking in the snow in Korea. Jealous I am. No matter, my time shall come in less than 10 days! MOOHAHA. But first I have to get a ton of work out of the way. WOE.

Some time back, Ai Li saw this pair of earrings and fancied them. However, since she already has a pair of earrings with the cute little birdies, we changed it up a bit with these flower charms -

Fleur de Lune, which means moonflower, is a rather apt name, I think. Brings to mind the type of flower that only blooms in the mystical light of the moon (which the cobalt AB and metallic purple Czech preciosa crystals represent).
Item Code & Name: 318 Fleur de Lune
Price: RM10.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Cobalt AB & Metallic Purple Czech "Preciosa" Fire-Polished Glass Beads, Clover Links, Rose Charms

Find out how to order here!