Tuesday, 30 December 2014

For Anujah

Hello, friends. 

This is an advanced birthday greeting post to my friend and colleague Anujah! :)

Anujah's birthday falls on 31st Dec, the last day of the year. Since I've already given her this present, I can now share it here. :) It's one of my favourite asymmetrical necklaces, which I shall go into detail about (oh you bet I will, hehe) further down in this post. First up, pictures!
 An asymmetrical necklace in the style of the Eternal Flame necklaces, but instead of a heart, capped off with a magenta faux pearl, a clover link, and the star of the show - a ruby baroque Swarovski pendant. 

 Named Royale because the pendant is very royal and regal-looking, much like Jah herself! Gotta love the rich ruby shade of the pendant, matched with the magenta faux pearl. The Swarovski pendant is very intricately cut, with many facets. Also, this necklace can be adjusted to different lengths by moving the infinity link up and down - very versatile to match your different blouse/dress necklines. :)

Item Code & Name: 327 Royale
Price: RM35.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Infinity Link, Magenta Faux Pearl, Clover Link, Ruby Baroque Swarovski Pendant
Measurements: Approximately 44cm (including clasp), drop = 4.5cm (length adjustable to whatever you want it to be!)
Check out the present I made for Jah last year - also in the same rich wine tones. :) *click here*
If you like asymmetrical things, click here!

If you'd like to order anything, just email me at

Happy blessed birthday, Jah. :) Hope the new year brings about exciting adventures, moments of great joy, and lots of love!

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