Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bella Flora (Citrus)

Last day of 6 month anniversary sale ahoy!

If you email me to make an order at sometime before midnight tonight, the discount will apply. :)

So last Thursday I posted this pair of berry-coloured earrings. Here is its citrus-toned equivalent!

A sunny combination of lemon and lime (and let's pretend there's a citrus fruit that's bright blue) frosted acrylic flowers and tiny ivory pearls that dangle off the chain like bellflowers and dewdrops.
Item Code & Name: 127 Bella Flora (Citrus)
Price: RM9.00 
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Sunny Yellow, Lime Green and Bright Blue Frosted Acrylic Flowers, Ivory Faux Pearls

Wishing y'all a happy weekend.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bella Flora (Berry)

Hang in there, it's Thursday! The weekend is near...

This week is a week of earrings, apparently. 

I have always loved the frosted flowers featured in this Petite Blossoms bracelet, and have been itching to make a pair of earrings featuring them. Finally came up with a simple design where the dainty frosted flowers hang like bellflowers from their stalk (in this case, the chain, dangling from your ear). I quite like the result:

 Sweet pink, fuschia and purple frosted acrylic flowers dangle from the chain like bellflowers, accompanied by tiny ivory pearls that resemble dewdrops in the early morning light.
Bella Flora - bella means "beauty" in Spanish, and I thought it would be a cute variation of "bellflower". I am probably butchering 10 different languages in the process. Go me! 

Item Code & Name: 126 Bella Flora (Berry)
Price: RM9.00 
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Light Pink, Fuschia and Purple Frosted Acrylic Flowers, Ivory Faux Pearls

I've made two variations of this pair of earrings. so this is the Berry-flavoured (I mean, Berry-coloured) one, and on Saturday I shall post one in Citrus tones! ;) This is what you get when a foodie makes accessories. Food-inspired accessory names. Shellfish lah, Berries lah. What's next? Chocolate?! Mmmmmm chocolate.

Remember, the sale ends at the end of November, so hurry!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Vacation Notice

Yours truly will be going on vacation in mid-December to the land down under!

I will be away from 13 Dec - 22 Dec 2013, so here are the cut off dates to order items if you want to receive them before Christmas:

Available items: Tuesday 10 December
Remakes / Customised items: Saturday 7 December

Thank you!

Edited to add: If you've just chanced upon this blog but are in no hurry to receive any items of interest, still email me at k? I will respond to your email when I have time (or when I have Internet). Thankies!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Shellfish - Customised


Oh noes, it seems like I've gone from selling accessories to selling seafood. Not a good combination. Quite disgusting, actually. What person, in their right mind, names their accessories after seafood? I have no justification for the name of these earrings. I just found it hilarious. I'm probably the only one. Ok moving on...

Here's another pair of earrings that I have customised for my friend Ai Li. (Hi again, why do you so frequently appear on my blog? :p) She liked the Seashell + Fish asymmetrical combination from this Under the Sea set, but wanted something in pink and ivory. So here you have the disgustingly-named earrings that are in actual fact quite sweet. :)

Rosaline crystal doughnuts and ivory faux pearls of varying sizes on each earring, a seashell charm, and a fish charm.
 Shell + Fish = Shellfish! :p Asymmetrical but complementary.

Item Code & Name: 125 Shellfish
Price: RM7.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials:Rosaline Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Ivory Faux Pearls, Seashell Charm, Fish Charm

Email me at if you want a remake :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

La Vie En Rose - Customised

Happy Sunday my friends!

My friend Ai Li (hi girl! ♥) recently customised a pair of earrings in sweet pink for a friend of hers, featuring Love and Joy charms. Here is the result:

 La Vie En Rose means life through rose-coloured glasses, and the song by Edith Piaf focuses on how life is rosy and full of love and joy, when you are in love. I thought it was an apt name for this pair of earrings, especially since they feature dainty little rose cabochons. :D
Clear and rosaline chinese crystal doughnuts connected to sweet pink roses on flower filigrees, with Love and Joy charms at the end of each earring.

Item Code & Name: 124 La Vie En Rose
Price: RM11.00
Status: [Sold], Not available
Materials: Clear and Rosaline Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Rose Cabochons on Flower Filigrees, Love Charm, Joy Charm

Go listen to Edith Piaf if you haven't before!
Her voice is simply divine and her songs transport you back to an old era of beautiful, timeless music.

Here's Je Ne Veus Pas Travailler, which means "I don't want to work", which I relate to on a soul-deep level. :p (No smoking, though. Smoking is bad. That way lies pain and death. Don't go down that road.)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Winter Wonderland | White Winter Hymnal Collection: Part 5

Hello folks!

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday so far! This morning, I attended my friend's beautiful wedding, so my heart is full of love and my stomach is full of food. Life's good. Haha! :)

We've come to the last post of the White Winter Hymnal collection - can you believe that Christmas is in a month's time? Hope you're all excited for it like I am! In Malaysia, where we have one huge rainy / humid / hot season, we don't get the wonder of snow in the winter. I have always loved this song, though:

Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening
In the lane
Snow is glistening
A beautiful sight
We're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland
This bracelet and earring set is inspired by the song above -- a winter wonderland, with shades of snowy white, frosty blue, and glistening silver, and many a snowflake. 

Item Code & Name: SET020 Winter Wonderland
Price: RM27.00 (bracelet + earrings) - items can be sold separately, please look below.
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Please see below.
 Three different types of snowflake charms, shiny silver pearls, silver-clear and cloudy white chinese crystal doughnuts and frosty blue round-faceted chinese crystals.
 I love the symmetry of this bracelet. :D

Item Code & Name: 122 Winter Wonderland (Bracelet)
Price: RM23.00 (bracelet only) SALE: RM16 only (30% off, while item remains Available)
Status: Available
Materials: Cloudy White and Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Cloudy Blue Round-Faceted Chinrese Crystals, Silver Faux Pearls, Snowflake Links, Snowflake Charms
Measurements: Approximately 18cm
 Again, tis hard to capture the frosty white of the crystals against a white background, so please refer to the images below for something clearer. These earrings feature star-like snowflake charms, and the same crystals that make an appearance in the charm bracelet.
Item Code & Name: 123 Winter Wonderland (Earrings)
Price: RM8.00 (earrings only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Cloudy Blue Round-Faceted Chinese Crystals, Cloudy White and Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Snowflake Charms

And here's a picture of the entire set against a silver background, to showcase the frosty white crystals better:

When it snows
Ain't it thrilling
Though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play the Eskimo way
Walking in a winter wonderland

That's the end of this collection, do email me if you'd like to buy them for yourself or as Christmas presents!

*runs off singing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs*

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Good Tidings | White Winter Hymnal Collection: Part 4

This is the fourth post from the White Winter Hymnal collection - we have almost reached the end! Hope you've been enjoying the posts so far. If not... what are you doing here? Ahaha just kidding. Please stay. Don't leave meee...

Melodrama aside, no Christmas collection is complete without one focusing on the true message of Christmas - not the presents, not the eggnog by the fireplace, not the lovely Christmas lights, not the fancy feasts (though all those things are fun and nice) - but the message of the birth of Jesus! 

Please feel free to move on from this post if it makes you uncomfortable, for faith is a personal thing. I just wanted to make a bracelet to reflect mine. :) There are these verses in the Bible that go:

"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord"
Luke 2: 10-11

Good tidings of love and joy and hope - hopefully this bracelet reflects that.
 Crimson and opaque white crystals, a dove to symbolise peace, Love, Joy, Hope, a cross and the star of Bethlehem - that which led the three wise men to Jesus.
 A clearer view of the Hope bead that's part of the chain.
Item Code & Name: 121 Good Tidings
Price: RM20.00
Status: [Sold 2], Available for remakes
Materials: Siam and Cloudy White Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Hope Bead, Dove Charm, Joy Charm, Cross Charm, Love Charm, Star Charm
Measurements: Approximately 17.5 cm (including clasp)

*Edited to add (30 Jan 2014)*
This bracelet now comes with matching earrings, which you can see here! Purchase this bracelet together with the earrings for a promotional price of RM28. :)

And here's a preliminary wish to all of you reading this - wishing you love, joy, hope and peace this coming holiday season. 

Good night.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 Feature + Sale!

Good news!

The lovely people over at wrote a feature on the Top 10 Online Boutiques for Accessories, and Dainty Little Trinkets is one of them! *jumps around the room like a maniac*

What an honour, considering that my humble little site is only 6 months old.

A huge thank you to for the feature. Muchas gracias!

Also, may I please take this chance to remind you that our month-long SALE is still going on.

More details here.

Here's to a common love for accessorising, and a common love for dainty little trinkets. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Poinsettia | White Winter Hymnal Collection: Part 3

Hello all!

Hope the week has been treating you well so far. :)

We've come to the midway point of the White Winter Hymnal collection! After the snowy white and silvery blue shades of the past two installments, it's time to introduce a little red into the picture in the form of a necklace named Poinsettia, after the lovely crimson flower that is widely used as a decoration during Christmas.

Mexican legend has it that a young girl was too poor to contribute to a celebration of Jesus' birthday. An angel inspired her to gather some weeds and place them at the church altar, after which crimson Poinsettia flowers bloomed from the weeds. What a sweet story - also serving as a reminder that God can make beautiful anything that we give with a sincere heart.
 An intricate antique silver-plated pendant that brings to mind the many-petaled flower, with crimson chinese crystals and flower links on the chain.

 Closeup. This pendant is so pretty, I almost wish I had an exact replica 10 times larger to hang on my Christmas tree.

Adorn your neck with some festive cheer!

Item Code & Name: 120 Poinsettia
Price: RM18.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Siam Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Flower Links, Poinsettia Pendant
Measurements: Approximately 43.5 cm (including clasp) + 3.5cm extender chain; Drop = 3.5cm

As always,
I can be reached at

Sale is still going on, so hurry hurry!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Collaboration with I Can't Sew - Part 2


Someone has purchased the first promotional package in Dainty Little Trinket's collaboration with I Can't Sew, so the Demure Daisies bracelet has found a home. :) It's still available for remakes, so let me know if you want one too. 

I'm here to introduce the second piece in our collaboration. In this one, the lovely ladies over at I Can't Sew have paired the Minty Meadows necklace from the Dainty Little Flowers collection with a silky, sultry white-blue Kimono-style dress. *___*

I love love loooooove the detail on the dress - intricate swirly flower and leaf motifs - how well they suit the minty green and flower-themed necklace! :) Also featuring a pair of earrings from Ou'lala. Oohlala! 

Only RM40 - what a good deal, right?

Check out the promo package on I Can't Sew's webpage here
Check out more pics and details of the Minty Meadows necklace here  
There's only one promo package per dress, so grab it quick! 


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Yuki no Hana | White Winter Hymnal Collection: Part 2

No winter collection is complete without snowflakes.

It speaks of the magnificence and specificity of God's creation, that these tiny little specks of snow are so beautifully intricate - patterns not visible to the naked eye but so delightfully complex when examined under a microscope.  

I previously made this pair of earrings for myself, as snowflake charms look so very pretty dangling from one's ears. As the second installment of the White Winter Hymnal Collection, these earrings are making a reappearance, now in a set with a matching bracelet.
Wintry shades - sparkling crystals in clear, silver and sapphire hues, paired with lovely snowflake links and charms.

Item Code & Name: SET019 Yuki no Hana
Price: RM20.00 (bracelet + earrings) - items can be sold separately, please look below.
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Please see below.
Sapphire, silver and clear crystals in varying cuts, capped off at the end with snowflake charms. These snowflake charms are especially eyecatching against a lovely mane of black / brown hair.

Item Code & Name: 002 Yuki no Hana (Earrings)
Price: RM8.00 (earrings only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Sapphire Round-Faceted Chinese Crystals, Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Clear Swarovski Bicones, Snowflake Charms
 Sapphire and silver-clear chinese crystal doughnuts form the chain of the bracelet, interspersed with pretty snowflake links and the same snowflake charm as the earrings.
Item Code & Name: 119 Yuki no Hana (Bracelet)
Price: RM15.00 (bracelet only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Sapphire and Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Sapphire Round-Faceted Chinrese Crystal, Snowflake Links, Snowflake Charm
Measurements: Approximately 17cm (including clasp) + 2.5cm extender chain

Whatchu waiting for?
Grab it while the November sale is still going on! :)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Frosty | White Winter Hymnal Collection: Part 1

Top of the morning to ya!

This post is the first post in the White Winter Hymnal Collection! :)

What better way to start of a collection about winter than with one of the things people in countries with four seasons love doing -- making snowmen!

Frosty the snowman, was a jolly happy soul
With a corncob pipe and a button nose
And two eyes made out of coal

Here's Frosty:
Shiny opaque white faux pearls and shell beads form the snowmen, with little flower links resting atop their heads. 

Here's a better view of the earrings against a silver background.

Item Code & Name: 118 Frosty
Price: RM8.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: White Opaque Faux Pearls, White Shell Beads, Flower Links

Remember, there is a November-wide sale! 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

White Winter Hymnal Collection - Masterpost

Winter is coming.

Game of Thrones shoutout, haha! Not that I watch GoT religiously -- too much death and destruction and despair. Daenerys and her dragons, though? They're cool. Maybe one day I'll make a trinket dedicated to her. Anyway, today's post is not about Game of Thrones, but about the end of the year!

I'm sure we're all looking forward to December.
The end of the year brings about rest and relaxation, reaping the rewards of your full year of labour; it means a time of thanksgiving and reflection, and it also means Christmas - lots of gift-giving and merry feasting and festive cheer!

It's never too soon for a collection dedicated to Christmas and the turn of the seasons, yeah? It's mid November, after all! Introducing the White Winter Hymnal collection - title inspired by a song by Fleet Foxes that I shall share further down.

With posts starting this coming Saturday, this collection will feature some wintry and Christmassy designs - shades of frosty white, sparkling silver, cool blue, and ruby red.

Part 1: Frosty
Part 2: Yuki no Hana
Part 3: Poinsettia
Part 4: Good Tidings

If you're looking for some Christmassy handmade creations as gifts for your friends, or if you feel like purchasing something for yourself for some festive cheer, look no further - this collection is for you! :)

And here is the song that this collection is named after:

This is Birdy's cover of Fleet Foxes' original.
If you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll realise they are actually quite morbid, but the melody is so sweet and carol-like. Makes me wanna frolic in the snow and make snow angels and sit by the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa. #tropicalcountrydreams

(Dear self, why are you hashtagging things like this is Twitter / Instagram?)
It's time for bed, obviously.

Sleep tight, people of the world, and it'll be Christmas before you know it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Golden Snitch - Customised


We've come to the last of the bracelets that I've customised for Jaycee. :)

This is a very simple customisation for a bracelet that has made an appearance on this blog before -- my beloved Golden Snitch. :D

Jaycee is a fellow fan of Harry Potter (Solidarity, sister! Or, you know, muggle), and so customised two Golden Snitch bracelets for herself and another friend. 
Here's the first customised Golden Snitch bracelet, with an added courage bead, a heart-shaped clasp, and an extender chain. It's always a good idea to use an extender chain if you're not sure of your friend's wrist size.

Item Code & Name: 115 The Golden Snitch
Price: RM16.50
Status: [Sold 2], Available for remakes
Materials: Gold Faux Pearl, Antique Silver-Plated Wing Charms, Heart Clasp, Courage Bead, Owl Charm, Made with Love Charm
Measurements: Approximately 15.5cm (including clasp) + 2.5cm extender chain
Here's the second Golden Snitch bracelet, also with a "courage" bead, but this time with a toggle clasp. Easier to wear than the standard lobster / heart clasps, these clasps are a good idea for those of you who know your wrist / bracelet specifications.

Item Code & Name: 116 The Golden Snitch
Price: RM13.50
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Gold Faux Pearl, Antique Silver-Plated Wing Charms, Courage Bead, Owl Charm, Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 16cm (including clasp)
I open at the close.
*drowns in nostalgic Harry Potter feelings*

Good night.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Songs of Joy (Pink) - Customised

Hello readers!

Hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend. I certainly have. :)

Today's post shall be brief, as it is late and I am sleeeeepy. 

If y'all saw yesterday's Songs of Joy bracelet, then this is something very similar. Jaycee wanted to give this bracelet to her BFF, who is a fan of all things pink! So here you have it - Songs of Joy in pink.
 Rosaline chinese crystals and a hot pink daisy cabochon. This bracelet also comes with an extender chain - if you're giving something to a friend and aren't sure of their wrist size, it's good to add an extender chain to ensure that the bracelet fits.
 Though I'm not a huge fan of hot pink, this hot pink daisy is quite lovely, accentuating and adding colour to the otherwise simple colour theme.
Item Code & Name: 114 Songs of Joy (Pink)
Price: RM28.00 (It's more expensive than the Songs of Joy bracelet because of the heart clasp and extender chain)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes (of course you're encouraged to choose your own variation of colours and charms, to make it unique to you!)
Materials: Rosaline Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Swallow Link, Sing Charm, Hot Pink Daisy Cabochon, Flower-Shaped Filigree, Joy Charm, Heart Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 16.5cm (including clasp) + 1.5cm extender chain <-- this is the measurement for the inner chain - the outer (bottom) chain measures at 17cm so it hangs slightly lower on the wrist from the inner (top) chain.
If you like this design but would prefer another colour, do check with me whether it's possible!
You can contact me at


Also, don't forget that there's a sale throughout the whole of November!
Whatchu waiting for?
Check out this link for more info. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Songs of Joy - Customised


I love Saturdays! Today's a busy Saturday, so I'll be brief. :D

Here I am to feature yet another bracelet that was customised for Jaycee. This might be my favourite of all the trinkets that she purchased - so much so that I've made something similar for myself ! (That's another post for another time.)

The bracelet is called Songs of Joy, for reasons that will become apparent when you look at the pictures:
 A simple, delicate bracelet with cloudy white crystals accompanying a lovely swallow link and Sing charm, a white daisy and a Joy charm at the end. Sing for joy - sing songs of joy!
 In our correspondence, Jaycee asked if I made double-chain bracelets. Being the amateur that I am, I did not even know of their existence prior to this. Nevertheless, I decided to try and I adore the end result. So thank you, Jaycee! :)

 Here's the bracelet on a silver background, for clearer viewing. 

Item Code & Name: 113 Songs of Joy
Price: RM26.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes (of course you're encouraged to choose your own variation of colours and charms, to make it unique to you!)
Materials: Cloudy White Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Swallow Link, Sing Charm, White Daisy Cabochon, Flower-Shaped Filigree, Joy Charm, Heart Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 15.5cm (including clasp) <-- this is the measurement for the inner chain - the outer (bottom) chain measures at 16cm so it hangs slightly lower on the wrist from the inner (top) chain.

Enjoy your weekend, ladies!
(and occasional random gentleman who stumbles across this site, lost and befuddled like a fish out of water)


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Enchanted Glade - Customised

Hello one and all!

Without any preamble (coz it be late and I be tired!), here's Enchanted Glade, third in a series of bracelets customised for Jaycee. I'm particularly proud of this one as it took me out of my comfort zone of simple, dainty designs, and challenged me to be more creative with mixing and matching colours / charms / beads, as you can see below:
 Imagine walking in a forest, quiet and serene, and coming across an open space where the sun streams in and casts everything in warm golden hues. Inspiration for the name comes from one of my favourite childhood Enid Blyton books - Enchanted Wood, where the forest and all that dwell in it take on a life of their own. Hopefully this bracelet conveys that feeling of quiet, mysterious enchantment.
A chain of crystals in shades of sunny yellow, honey topaz and luminous green, pale yellow watercolour-print pearls, a butterfly link, asymmetrical leaf charms and an intricate nightingale pendant with a lone rose cabochon.
Item Code & Name: 112 Enchanted Glade
Price: RM33.00
Status: [Sold], Available for different remake (Have run out of yellow chinese crystal doughnuts, but can substitute them with yellow crystals that are slightly smaller)
Materials: Sunny Yellow, Honey Topaz and Green Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Pale Yellow Watercolour-Print Faux Pearls, Butterfly Link, Asymmetrical Leaf Charms, Nightingale Pendant, Rose Cabochon, Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 15.5cm (including clasp)

As always, do remember that customisation is possible!
Just contact me at :)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Oceanus - Customised

Inspiration to write running a little low today. Which is good news for everyone, because that means this post will be less verbose than all of my other verbose, rambly posts! :p

Today's featured trinket is the second bracelet that I customised for Jaycee. She wanted a bracelet in shades of blue, incorporating the little fish and seashell charms that had previously been featured in my Dreaming of the Sea collection. Her taste in bracelets also tends towards charm bracelet designs, with clusters of beads - beads galore!

(I said I was going to be less verbose, yet I have managed to ramble on)

Introducing Oceanus, who in greek mythology is the divine personification of the Ocean. This is an ode to its vast, mysterious and magnificent depths.
 Featuring faux pearls, Czech Preciosa crystals, chinese crystal doughnuts and glass beads in shades of blue. A little fish and seashell (and a tiny accompanying ivory pearl) sit at the heart of the bracelet, with starfish links and dolphin charms acting as sentries on opposite ends.
 Spot the aquamarine Swarovski heart amidst the cluster of beads.
Item Code & Name: 111 Oceanus
Price: RM30.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes (of course you're encouraged to choose your own variation of colours and charms, to make it unique to you!)
Materials: Aquamarine and Sapphire Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Cerulean Blue Czech "Preciosa" Fire-Polished Glass Beads, Pale Blue and Ivory Faux Pearls, Aquamarine Glass Beads, Starfish Links, Dolphin Charms, Fish Charm, Seashell Charm, Aquamarine Swarovski Heart, Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately (including clasp)

If you like, please email me at

I'll leave you with Josh Groban's Oceano:

Close your eyes and let the music break upon you like waves upon the sand...

Monday, 4 November 2013

Collaboration with I Can't Sew - Part 1

Hello faithful readers!

Today marks a momentous occasion - the day of Dainty Little Trinkets' first collaboration with another blogshop!

The lovely ladies over at I Can't Sew are having a cool promotional month where they feature a different dress in combination with different accessories every day. Here's the Demure Daisies bracelet that they chose to be paired together with this chic green skater dress - quite the unconventional combination that for some reason works!

Pretty! I'm tempted to get the dress myself. :p

Only RM40 for the package - now that's a steal!

Check out the promo package on I Can't Sew's webpage here
Check out more pics and details of the Demure Daisies bracelet here  

We have two more collaborations that will feature on their site in mid-to-late November. I'll keep you posted!
Have a wonderful day off tomorrow, all my fellow Malaysians.
Sleep is my agenda for the day.

Good night.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lilac L'Amour - Customised

Happy Sunday!

Every now and then, a customer comes along, brimming with so many cool ideas and such creative vision - you know that if they ever take up the hobby of accessory-making, they'd put you out of business.

One fine day, I received an email in my inbox from Jaycee, who (miraculously) liked my incessant rambling and had lots of ideas for customisation that she wanted to bring to life. 

I'm quite excited about the few coming posts, to show you the bracelets that we came up with. 

First in a series of bracelets I made for her is Lilac L'Amour. Jaycee really loved one of my precious creations - the Milky Way bracelet (as seen here), but wanted to add some charms and colour to the bracelet -- sweet purple / lilac accents and charms in the age-old theme of love:
 An infinity link at the centre, flanked by a myriad of lilac faux pearls, tiny lavender faux pearls, silver-clear crystal doughnuts and silver-clear crystal teardrops.
 This charm bracelet is also accentuated with an amethyst blend Swarovski heart, an arrow heart link, and a heart toggle clasp.
 Love - L'Amour - in lilac tones, hence the name. Also, it alliterates nicely! You know how I feel about alliteration. :)

Item Code & Name: 110 Lilac L'Amour
Price: RM28.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes (of course you're encouraged to choose your own variation of colours and charms, to make it unique to you!)
Materials: Lilac Faux Pearls, Tiny Lavender Faux Pearls, Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Teardrops, Infinity Link, Amethyst Blend Swarovski Heart, Arrow-Heart Charm, Large Heart Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 15.5cm (including clasp)

Itching to customise something for yourself?
All it takes is an email to