Friday, 1 November 2013

6-Month Anniversary SALE!

Last day of the week.
First day of the month.

Hello, November!

This site was born in early May and it's been a pretty fun and fulfilling journey so far. 
In celebration of my pet project (MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS) turning 6 months old, it's time for a SALE!

The SALE is valid for the whole month of November (last day 30 Nov 2013)!

Ok so the picture is kind of self-explanatory. But since I am long-winded, let me explain again:
10% discount for items marked "Available"! To search for available items, click here
5% discount for items marked "Available for remakes"! To search for these items, click here

LIKE us on facebook now to receive an additional 5% discount for all "Available" or "Available for remakes" items! 
So essentially, if you have liked us on Facebook, you will receive a 15% discount for "Available" items and a 10% discount for "Available for remakes" items. 

 Terms and conditions:
1. When "available" items are sold, I may not be able to update their status on this blog immediately. So always enquire to see if someone beat you to it. :p
2. To be eligible for additional FB discounts, please let me know your FB username and in the offchance that I can't see that you've liked the page, I may ask you to provide a screenshot. :) Please don't "unlike" the page after, as that will make me sad.

That is all.
Happy November, Happy Shopping!

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