Monday, 4 November 2013

Collaboration with I Can't Sew - Part 1

Hello faithful readers!

Today marks a momentous occasion - the day of Dainty Little Trinkets' first collaboration with another blogshop!

The lovely ladies over at I Can't Sew are having a cool promotional month where they feature a different dress in combination with different accessories every day. Here's the Demure Daisies bracelet that they chose to be paired together with this chic green skater dress - quite the unconventional combination that for some reason works!

Pretty! I'm tempted to get the dress myself. :p

Only RM40 for the package - now that's a steal!

Check out the promo package on I Can't Sew's webpage here
Check out more pics and details of the Demure Daisies bracelet here  

We have two more collaborations that will feature on their site in mid-to-late November. I'll keep you posted!
Have a wonderful day off tomorrow, all my fellow Malaysians.
Sleep is my agenda for the day.

Good night.

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