Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Shellfish - Customised


Oh noes, it seems like I've gone from selling accessories to selling seafood. Not a good combination. Quite disgusting, actually. What person, in their right mind, names their accessories after seafood? I have no justification for the name of these earrings. I just found it hilarious. I'm probably the only one. Ok moving on...

Here's another pair of earrings that I have customised for my friend Ai Li. (Hi again, why do you so frequently appear on my blog? :p) She liked the Seashell + Fish asymmetrical combination from this Under the Sea set, but wanted something in pink and ivory. So here you have the disgustingly-named earrings that are in actual fact quite sweet. :)

Rosaline crystal doughnuts and ivory faux pearls of varying sizes on each earring, a seashell charm, and a fish charm.
 Shell + Fish = Shellfish! :p Asymmetrical but complementary.

Item Code & Name: 125 Shellfish
Price: RM7.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials:Rosaline Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Ivory Faux Pearls, Seashell Charm, Fish Charm

Email me at daintylittletrinkets@gmail.com if you want a remake :)

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