Thursday, 14 November 2013

White Winter Hymnal Collection - Masterpost

Winter is coming.

Game of Thrones shoutout, haha! Not that I watch GoT religiously -- too much death and destruction and despair. Daenerys and her dragons, though? They're cool. Maybe one day I'll make a trinket dedicated to her. Anyway, today's post is not about Game of Thrones, but about the end of the year!

I'm sure we're all looking forward to December.
The end of the year brings about rest and relaxation, reaping the rewards of your full year of labour; it means a time of thanksgiving and reflection, and it also means Christmas - lots of gift-giving and merry feasting and festive cheer!

It's never too soon for a collection dedicated to Christmas and the turn of the seasons, yeah? It's mid November, after all! Introducing the White Winter Hymnal collection - title inspired by a song by Fleet Foxes that I shall share further down.

With posts starting this coming Saturday, this collection will feature some wintry and Christmassy designs - shades of frosty white, sparkling silver, cool blue, and ruby red.

Part 1: Frosty
Part 2: Yuki no Hana
Part 3: Poinsettia
Part 4: Good Tidings

If you're looking for some Christmassy handmade creations as gifts for your friends, or if you feel like purchasing something for yourself for some festive cheer, look no further - this collection is for you! :)

And here is the song that this collection is named after:

This is Birdy's cover of Fleet Foxes' original.
If you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll realise they are actually quite morbid, but the melody is so sweet and carol-like. Makes me wanna frolic in the snow and make snow angels and sit by the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa. #tropicalcountrydreams

(Dear self, why are you hashtagging things like this is Twitter / Instagram?)
It's time for bed, obviously.

Sleep tight, people of the world, and it'll be Christmas before you know it.

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