Sunday, 29 June 2014

Anchor of Hope (Aqua Blue Remix) | Remix Collection: Part 5

Tis' the end of the weekend and also the end of the Remix collection!
Let's go out with a bang, shall we?
One of the most popular collections thus far has been the Personalised Statement Bracelets collection, probably due to its highly customisable nature and also the various encouraging statements in the bracelets that one can wear as inspiration / motivation themselves and others. My favourite would be the Anchor of Hope bracelet, which also has been customised in a slightly different manner here. Back then, these bracelets were all in shades of purple. 
I figured, since the key charm in this piece - the Anchor - is usually set in the sea, I would remix the Anchor of Hope bracelet in aqua blue, befitting those who love the ocean and those who love nautical symbolism. Here's the aqua blue remix -
 Crystals in shades of aquamarine and sapphire, a round-double twisted ring link, a chinese knot link, an anchor charm, a Hope bead and an aquamarine Swarovski heart.
 The round double-twisted ring and chinese knot link represent our unbreakable bonds with friends and family - those who anchor us, keep us grounded, keep us from drifting away, give us hope.
Item Code & Name: 256 Anchor of Hope (Aqua Blue Remix)
Price: RM24.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Sapphire Round Faceted Chinese Crystals, Aquamarine and Light Sapphire Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Aquamarine Czech "Preciosa" Fire-Polished Glass Beads, Round Double Twisted Ring Link, Chinese Knot Link, Anchor Charm, Hope Bead, Aquamarine Swarovski Heart
Measurements: Approximately 16.5cm (including clasp) + 2.5cm extender chain

I actually prefer this to the original!
Which do you prefer?

As always, please direct all orders/enquiries/random musings to

Anybody all caught up in World Cup fever?
Netherlands vs Mexico tonight! I'm supporting the Netherlands! Last night's (this early morning's) Brazil vs Chile match was soooo nerve-wracking. Those penalties were almost heart-stopping. And that's coming from someone who's not a super strong supporter of either team (though I was rooting for Brazil to win coz I like watching Neymar play). :D

Ok I'll stop blabbering on about football. Not that appropriate for an accessories site, eh? :p


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Blush Burgundy | Remix Collection: Part 4

Happeh Saturday, people of the world!
I plan to spend it firmly attached to my comfy bed. :)

But first! Here's the first necklace to be featured in this Remix collection. Today's Blush Burgundy necklace is a remix of the Lush Lavender necklace that was posted sometime back, which was in turn a customisation of the original Lush Lavender bracelet. This time, it's been remixed in shades of burgundy and blush purple - thus its name. :)
 Dusty purple and and burgundy faux pearls, burgundy chinese crystal doughnuts, flower links and a dark burgundy flower cabochon on an intricately-patterned charm

 This is the first time the dark burgundy flower cabochon has featured in any Dainty Little Trinket. I quite like the rich, regal tone of this necklace. 

Item Code & Name: 255 Blush Burgundy
Price: RM22.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Burgundy & Dusty Purple Faux Pearls, Burgundy Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Dark Burgundy Flower Cabochon, Intricately-Patterned Round Charm, Flower Links
Measurements: Approximately 44.5cm (including clasp) + 4cm extender chain

 Find out how to order here!

That's all for now, stay tuned tomorrow for the last post in this collection!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Demure Daisies (Baby Blue Remix) | Remix Collection: Part 3

Oopsie daisies!

That's one of my favourite British phrases, as uttered by Hugh Grant's character in Notting Hill. Quite unmanly and very silly. :p

Anyway, if you haven't already gathered - part 3 of the Remix collection is about daisies! Way back when, I posted this Demure Daisies bracelet, which is still one of my favourites, as it is so very feminine and sweet and demure. It's been customised in shades of purple (here!), and now has been remixed in soft baby blue tones -
 Pale blue and light silver faux pearls, together with antique silver-plated flower beads and a heart-shaped toggle at the end.
 Adding a dash of bright colour to this otherwise soft-toned bracelet is the bright blue daisy - such a cheerful hue!
Item Code & Name:  254 Demure Daisies (Baby Blue Remix)
Price: RM17.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Pale Blue and Silver Faux Pearls, Flower Beads, Bright Blue Daisy Cabochon, Flower-Shaped Filigree Link, Heart Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 17.5cm

I'm still a bigger fan of the original pink bracelet, but those who love blue now have this remix as an option!

To order, please email me at

As always, customisation is possible!


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Scarlet Nightingale | Remix Collection: Part 2

Hi hello!

Part 2 of the Remix collection goes down memory lane with a creation from Dainty Little Trinket's very first collection - the Fly Me To The Moon collection. :) This post features a remix of the Nightingale bracelet and earrings set, which has been quite popular and has also been customised in different colour schemes (ivory or rosaline!) and with the addition of Swarovski hearts (click here!).

This time I thought I'd do something a little different, changing up the silver pearls with opaque red crystal doughnuts; hereby named the Scarlet Nightingale:
The scarlet crystals add a dash of colour to this previously monochrome set. Which do you prefer?

Item Code & Name: SET038 Scarlet Nightingale
Price: RM20.00 (bracelet + earrings) - items can be sold separately, please look below.
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Please see below.
 An antique silver-plated swallow link flanked by scarlet chinese crystal doughnuts, clover links, with a Sing charm at the end.
Item Code & Name: 252 Scarlet Nightingale (Bracelet)
Price: RM14.00 (bracelet only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Opaque Red Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Teardrop, Clover Links, Antique Silver-Plated Bird Link, Sing Charm
Measurements: Approximately 17cm (including clasp) + 3cm extender chain
 Matching earrings with the same opaque red chinese crystal doughnuts, clover links, and cute little bird beads.

Item Code & Name: 253 Scarlet Nightingale (Earrings)
Price: RM9.00 (earrings only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Opaque Red Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Clover Links, Bird Beads

That's all for today's post - hope you've enjoyed this little blast from the past!

All orders can be made at

If you'd like to customise something, that's totally cool too! Just email me at the address above and we can discuss your ideas and see how to make them a reality.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pretty in Purple | Remix Collection: Part 1

Hola amigos!
Hope you're having a nice, lazy Sunday. :)

Here's the first post in the Remix collection, a remix of the popular Pretty in Pink bracelet that I posted close to a year ago. This bracelet was originally part of a bracelet and earring set that I made as a birthday gift for my friend Adeline. Since then, it's become quite a popular item and has also spawned various customisations like the Sleek in Silver bracelet, and an entire Pretty in Pink set (check out the lovely necklace - still one of my favourite creations).

This time, I decided to remix the bracelet in shades of purple - Pretty in Purple.
 Formerly in shades of rosaline and ivory, this Remix comes in shades of purple and silver.
 Tiny silver pearls matched with larger, alternating soft lilac and dusty purple pearls, antique silver-plated flower beads, a heart clasp and a Made with Love charm at the end of the extender chain.
Item Code & Name: 251 Pretty in Purple
Price: RM16.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials:  Silver, Lilac and Dusty Purple Faux Pearls, Antique Silver-Plated Flower Beads, Heart Clasp, Made with Love Charm
Measurements: Approximately 17.5cm (including clasp) + 2cm extender chain

That's all for tonight's post!
Do you like the original more or this remixed version more?
If you think it would be better suited in some other colour scheme, you could always customise one to suit your tastes. :)

Just email me at

Good night, and have a lovely week ahead!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Remix Collection - Masterpost

Happy Saturday!

It's been a while since I posted a collection of items, the last being the Disney Princess collection in April.

Since it was our 1 year anniversary last month, I was thinking back to the time this all started - the fun, the stress, the outpouring of ideas and giddy love for beads and charms, and utter joy when people loved my items and wanted to purchase them. Some items have been unexpectedly popular - you never know what items will be well-liked till you post them! :p

And that brings us to this collection! I thought it would be fun to "remix" some of Dainty Little Trinkets' popular items - changing up the beads here and there and changing up the colour schemes, in tribute to "surviving" a year with the support of all you lovely readers. :) So this collection is dedicated to you.

Hope all of you will like these "remixed reinventions" as much as the original items! Starting tomorrow (Sunday), there'll be a series of posts for this new collection:

Part 1: Pretty in Purple
Part 2: Scarlet Nightingale
Part 3: Demure Daisies (Baby Blue Remix)
Part 4: Blush Burgundy
Part 5: Anchor of Hope (Aqua Blue Remix)

I'm excited! Hope you are too.
See you Sunday!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

For Hera

This post is dedicated to Hera, my friend and former boss, and someone who I look up to very very much.
So Hera, if you somehow come across this post, a big hug to you! ♥

In greek mythology, Hera was the wife of Zeus and the Queen of the gods. She was known as the goddess of marriage, and she was known to be intelligent and strong. Hera has all these qualities and more! Having lived, and laughed and loved to the fullest in all aspects of her life, I thought that this bookmark would be an apt little gift for her when we last met up. :)
 A bookmark with floral engravings, followed by a celtic heart bead, a sapphire round-faceted chinese crystal, a gorgeous polymer clay rose in dark blue hues, a midnight blue faux pearl, and a Live, Laugh, Love charm.
Item Code & Name: 250 Hera
Price: RM22.00
Status: Available for different remake (I've run out of this particular bookmark, but there are others for you to select from. Just email me to check! :))
Materials: Celtic Heart Bead, Sapphire Round Faceted Chinese Crystal, Midnight Blue Faux Pearl, Dark Blue Polymer Clay Rose, Live Laugh Love Charm

The bookmark above bears a strong resemblance to this I Believe bookmark, also available in various Made to Order options!
I love bookmarks - they're useful, pretty and highly customisable. Check out other previous bookmarks here!

Off-topic - who here has been swept up in World Cup fever? Whoa was the Netherlands vs Australia match exciting or what! I am supporting the Netherlands, but Australia (my former home!) put up an amazingly valiant fight. Those lads should be proud of themselves. And poor Spain. What utter, crushing defeat. Poor Casillas - it was heartbreaking to see his despair. Had to have an outlet for my World Cup-related feelings. Haha. I shall stop now. :p

Till next time,
xoxo ♥

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Happy Tuesday, friends.

So recently I attended a wedding, and the theme for my friend's wedding was robin's egg blue. (If you're wondering, it is akin to Tiffany blue / a light turquoise blue. A very pretty colour (with a pretty unusual name). Since she also had vintage-themed lace-flag decorations and a delicately exquisite lace wedding gown, I was inspired to make this pair of lace earrings for myself. :D

So here's a late addition to the Hearts and Lace collection, for those who love all things lace.

 Simple and dainty: air blue opal chinese crystal doughnuts, little lace flowers and aqua blue opal chinese crystal doughnuts.

Item Code & Name: 249 Giselle
Price: RM7.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Air Blue Opal & Aqua Blue Opal Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Lace Flowers

Find out how to order here!
Also be sure to check out the clearance section for some pretty good deals. :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

For Li-Sha

Yesterday, the baby of the office, Li-Sha, turned 24!
Oh so young!
Probably giving away my age here. :p

Li-Sha has this skirt in the colour of bright, cobalt blue that she likes to wear often, and so I made her this pair of earrings to match. Wishing you a blessed birthday, young padawan (and now I sound like Obi Wan Kenobi). 
 Round-faceted crystals in shades of frosty and cobalt blue cascade down a chain, ending with light sapphire crystal teardrops.
Item Code & Name: 248 Ultramarine
Price: RM12.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Frosty Blue & Cobalt Blue Round-Faceted Chinese Crystals, Light Sapphire Chinese Crystal Teardrops

If you like the teardrop-shaped crystals (they're favourites of mine as well!), check out this following link, as well as these 2 with the "cascading crystal" effect - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall / Pretty Pastels. :)

You can make orders at
or on Facebook.

Happy Monday, y'all. <3

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Stylefile #3

Happy Sunday!

Our monthly Sunday Stylefile is back again... this time with a tinge of green. 
For some reason, green isn't that popular a colour for accessories, with most people sticking to sweet shades of pink and purple, or glamorous shades of black, red and gold. So, I thought it would be good to give the underdog some focus. After all, we are surrounded by all that is green, and it is what sustains our environment.

Today's stylefile will focus on the Fasten You to Me necklace, a simple asymmetrical necklace with a gorgeously intricate Tree pendant, and crystals in shades of green and clover links on one side of the chain. 
The very mild green tones on the crystals could complement many types of dresses, but I've matched the necklace with the following 3 dresses that are in different shades of green.

On the left, the figure-hugging, confidence-boosting Teal Green Bodycon Dress from Emcee Couture.
In the middle, look professional, chic and elegant in this Dark Teal Boatneck Executive Dress from Dressabelle.
On the right, perfect for a garden wedding or a day out in the sun, the Blue/Green Paisley Print Flare Dress from Whitesoot.

*Disclaimer* I own not the images above, they are from the sites that I have credited. 
Click on the links to go buy them pretty dresses and dress them up a little with this pretty necklace. More pictures here :D
Originally at RM18, the necklace will be 10% off in the month of June - RM16.20 (let's round that off to RM16)! :)
Happy Sunday and have a good rest-of-the-week.
I'll end this post with a song from Kermit -
It's not easy being green...

Friday, 13 June 2014

Clearance Sale!

Friday the 13th calls for a clearance sale!

Selected items will be 30% - 50% off.
Click on the label "Clearance" for more information.

Terms & Conditions
The sale only applies when the item is available (I will update the status of the items every night, so always enquire if the item is still available). Once sold, remakes will revert to the old price.

To order, just email me at


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Burgundy Bliss

Short post ahoy, as I am busy planning another holiday!

That's right - just back from one and already planning another. :D This one is far away - I'll be travelling to Osaka / Kyoto in early 2015! Can't hardly wait. On that note, AirAsia has some really good deals right now - go forth and travel the world!

This post is dedicated to my mummy. She has a lovely burgundy dress that she'll be wearing to yet another one of my brother's graduations. Of course I had to make her a matching bracelet. :) Here, in shades of dusty purple and burgundy, is Burgundy Bliss:
A bracelet of faux pearls in shades of burgundy and dusty purple, celtic heart beads, and a flower filigree as the focal point.
 This is the first time a (Dainty Little) trinket is featuring dusty purple faux pearls. I love this shade and it goes so very well with burgundy. Lovers of purple - this bracelet is for you!
Item Code & Name: 247 Burgundy Bliss
Price: RM15.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Burgundy & Dusty Purple Faux Pearls, Celtic Heart Beads, Flower Filigree
Measurements: Approximately 16.5cm (including clasp) + 2cm extender chain

 All orders are customisable, just email me at

Check out some customised items here!
Like burgundy? Check out some burgundy-shades here!

Now back to planning my holiday.
Osaka is known for takoyaki, okonomiyaki, kushikatsu, YUMMM.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Crimson Butterfly

I'm baaaaaack!
Not that you noticed me missing. :p

But yes, I'm back, with a couple of blisters on my feet from traipsing through Singapore's botanical gardens in heels for the bridal party photoshoot (being a bridesmaid is tough stuff yo!), and with a heart full of looooove (Les Mis song reference yo!), and as verbose as ever (evidently). Beautiful, beautiful wedding, and I am so blessed to see my friend so happy. :)

Today's post is something I made for meself. Red and black is a timeless colour combination - they go together like milk and cookies, burgers and fries, bacon and eggs. In all of the red and black accessories I have made (check out some here!), I came to the grave realisation that I didn't make any for myself. That is of course an oversight that had to be rectified.

So here you have one of my favourite colour combinations, with some of my favourite new beads and crystals, and with one of my favourite charms - the Crimson Butterfly -
 A single butterfly charm flanked by crystals doughnuts in an opaque crimson red and black faux pearls with gold and silver swirls, interspersed with dainty maroon faux pearls.
 This bracelet has a combination of all of my favourites from my recent bead binge-shopping expedition. I partiularly love the black faux pearls with gold and silver swirls. They are the tinier versions of the same pearls that have appeared in this Moulin Rouge set.
Item Code & Name: 246 Crimson Butterfly
Price: RM15.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Black Faux Pearls with Gold and Silver Swirls, Maroon Faux Pearls, Opaque Red Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Butterfly Charm
Measurements: Approximately 15.5cm (including clasp) + 2cm extender chain

Customisation is possible!
Find out how to order here.

G'night. :)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Spotlight - Nature

Hola amigos!

I'm still on vacation, so this is a scheduled post!

Ah, mother earth. What a wonderful world - and how beautiful is God's creation that is all around us. Sometimes when I pause to think about it, I am in awe of the intricacies of each living thing, of each breathtakingly beautiful sunset, of the mystery and magnificence of the ocean, of the roots and origins of each tall tree. Nature is truly wondersome, and here are some pieces that I have made in the past in tribute to it:

(The names of each trinket link to the original posts!)

Are you a nature-lover? Want something to wear that represents your love for the environment? 

Email me at to order!

Still on vacation, but will be back soon.
See you soon. :)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Spotlight - Teardrops

"He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar..." croons one Taylor Swift.

You say teardrops and that song immediately comes to mind. How's that for branding eh? The teardrops I will be blathering on about today are not of human origin, but crystal teardrops beautifully and meticulously crafted by machines - sparkling, multifaceted, elegant and alluring... (I could go on)

(Hello, if you have just chanced upon my humble blog. Stay and shop for a while, if you'd like. :) I'm actually on vacay right now, and this is part of a short series of posts that cast a spotlight on a particular theme  - today's being teardrops! I'm also slightly ever-so rambly and eccentricquirky, if you find that kinda thing amusing. :p)

So, teardrops.
I love them, and I love using them in my accessories.
They just have a certain je ne sais quoi about them.

Here are some previous creations featuring teardrops (click on the names for the original posts):

 Nightingale (RM28)
 Pretty Pastels (RM15)

 Love in a Vineyard (RM12)

Interwoven (RM12 each)

Ah, I just love them.
If you love them too, you can always order them or customise something unique for yourself!

(replies may be slow while I'm on vacay - will be back Tuesday!)

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Spotlight - Swarovski Hearts

Hello dear readers!
This is a scheduled post as I am in Singapore at the moment. :)

I've prepared a short series of posts that kinda cast a "spotlight" on a particular theme. Today's theme is Swarovski hearts!
I've not come across anyone who does not love these tiny, faceted hearts that glitter and sparkle and accentuate every little trinket. I love them in allllll the colours, and have featured them quite liberally throughout my creations. Here are some:

 (Click on the accessory names to be directed to the original post of these accessories!)

 Arielle (RM21)
 Je t'aime (RM18)
 Clair de Lune (RM22)
Moulin Rouge (Set: RM50)
From top to bottom, the colour of the featured Swarovski hearts are: Rose, Light Amethyst, Bermuda Blue, and Red.

If any of the above have caught your eye. you can order them at

If you're as in love with these hearts as I am, do remember that you can consider customising something for yourself! Just email me and we can begin discussing how to make your ideas a reality.

Replies may be slow as I am out of the country and without wifi a lot of the time (plus there's the whole being a dutiful bridesmaid thing), so I apologise in advance.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

For Ai Li

Short post ahoy!

It's late at night, I haven't packed yet, and my flight is tomorrow morning! Oh noes! So yes, this will be short. Hopefully.

Tonight's post is an early birthday greeting to my pal Ai Li who has been ever supportive of my "creative" endeavours and is turning 26 in a couple of days! I previously gifted her with this pair of pastel-toned earrings, so here's a double-chained necklace to match. :)
 A Swarovski affair - on the inner chain - rose, aquamarine and violet Swarovski bicones and a cross charm. On the outer chain - an exquisite rose Swarovski heart.

 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

Item Code & Name: 245 Where Your Treasure Is
Price: RM32.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Rose / Aquamarine / Violet Swarovski Bicones, Cross Charm, Rose Swarovski Heart
Measurements: Inner Chain = Approximately 43cm (including clasp), Outer Chain = Approximately 50cm (including clasp) + 3.5cm extender chain 
Ai Li dear, here's wishing you a wonderful birthday surrounded by people you love, and a wonderful year ahead, where you get to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals, never forgetting He who holds your heart and guides your path.
Much love, J.
To the rest of you folks,
 If you like the double-chained thing as much as I do, check out more here!

And I'm off! There'll be some scheduled posts so you don't miss me too much. See you in a couple of days! *muah*