Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Remix Collection - Masterpost

Happy Saturday!

It's been a while since I posted a collection of items, the last being the Disney Princess collection in April.

Since it was our 1 year anniversary last month, I was thinking back to the time this all started - the fun, the stress, the outpouring of ideas and giddy love for beads and charms, and utter joy when people loved my items and wanted to purchase them. Some items have been unexpectedly popular - you never know what items will be well-liked till you post them! :p

And that brings us to this collection! I thought it would be fun to "remix" some of Dainty Little Trinkets' popular items - changing up the beads here and there and changing up the colour schemes, in tribute to "surviving" a year with the support of all you lovely readers. :) So this collection is dedicated to you.

Hope all of you will like these "remixed reinventions" as much as the original items! Starting tomorrow (Sunday), there'll be a series of posts for this new collection:

Part 1: Pretty in Purple
Part 2: Scarlet Nightingale
Part 3: Demure Daisies (Baby Blue Remix)
Part 4: Blush Burgundy
Part 5: Anchor of Hope (Aqua Blue Remix)

I'm excited! Hope you are too.
See you Sunday!

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