Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Crimson Butterfly

I'm baaaaaack!
Not that you noticed me missing. :p

But yes, I'm back, with a couple of blisters on my feet from traipsing through Singapore's botanical gardens in heels for the bridal party photoshoot (being a bridesmaid is tough stuff yo!), and with a heart full of looooove (Les Mis song reference yo!), and as verbose as ever (evidently). Beautiful, beautiful wedding, and I am so blessed to see my friend so happy. :)

Today's post is something I made for meself. Red and black is a timeless colour combination - they go together like milk and cookies, burgers and fries, bacon and eggs. In all of the red and black accessories I have made (check out some here!), I came to the grave realisation that I didn't make any for myself. That is of course an oversight that had to be rectified.

So here you have one of my favourite colour combinations, with some of my favourite new beads and crystals, and with one of my favourite charms - the Crimson Butterfly -
 A single butterfly charm flanked by crystals doughnuts in an opaque crimson red and black faux pearls with gold and silver swirls, interspersed with dainty maroon faux pearls.
 This bracelet has a combination of all of my favourites from my recent bead binge-shopping expedition. I partiularly love the black faux pearls with gold and silver swirls. They are the tinier versions of the same pearls that have appeared in this Moulin Rouge set.
Item Code & Name: 246 Crimson Butterfly
Price: RM15.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Black Faux Pearls with Gold and Silver Swirls, Maroon Faux Pearls, Opaque Red Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Butterfly Charm
Measurements: Approximately 15.5cm (including clasp) + 2cm extender chain

Customisation is possible!
Find out how to order here.

G'night. :)

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