Thursday, 5 June 2014

Spotlight - Swarovski Hearts

Hello dear readers!
This is a scheduled post as I am in Singapore at the moment. :)

I've prepared a short series of posts that kinda cast a "spotlight" on a particular theme. Today's theme is Swarovski hearts!
I've not come across anyone who does not love these tiny, faceted hearts that glitter and sparkle and accentuate every little trinket. I love them in allllll the colours, and have featured them quite liberally throughout my creations. Here are some:

 (Click on the accessory names to be directed to the original post of these accessories!)

 Arielle (RM21)
 Je t'aime (RM18)
 Clair de Lune (RM22)
Moulin Rouge (Set: RM50)
From top to bottom, the colour of the featured Swarovski hearts are: Rose, Light Amethyst, Bermuda Blue, and Red.

If any of the above have caught your eye. you can order them at

If you're as in love with these hearts as I am, do remember that you can consider customising something for yourself! Just email me and we can begin discussing how to make your ideas a reality.

Replies may be slow as I am out of the country and without wifi a lot of the time (plus there's the whole being a dutiful bridesmaid thing), so I apologise in advance.

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