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I Believe | Words to Live By Collection: Part 3

Good morning! (Or good day, or good evening, whatever time it is for you as you are reading this!)

Oh how I love Saturdays, let me count the ways. :D

It's a packed day for me, things to do, places to be, so this shall be a rather short post. Still longer than standard blogshop posts, but that's what you get from a verbose person like me! (Colin Firth, in Bridget Jones' Diary, referred to this condition as "verbal incontinence", which is both hilarious and a little bit gross. Colin Firth though. Mmm. British accents. Mmm.)


Part 3 of the Words to Live By collection features a bookmark that I am rather fond of, simply named I Believe.
 Adorn your books with this dainty little bookmark featuring a lone lilac pearl, a flower disc bead, a lovely lilac and purple polymer clay rose, a deep purple round faceted chinese crystal and a charm to remind you to Believe in love.
 On the bookmark, can you spy the intricate flower-pattern engravings? I believe in love - not just romantic love, but love in all its forms - friendship, family, love for country, love from God. Ultimately, that's what gets us humans through the day, and connects us to each other.
 As with Perseverance in the last post, there are also Made to Order options. :) I simple adore the polymer clay roses. They're so beautifully made, and the two-toned (in some cases three) colours blend together beautifully.

Item Code & Name: 189 I Believe
Price: RM22.00
Status: Original (Lilac/Purple Rose) - [Sold 2], Not available
1. Light Blue Rose - Made to Order
2. White/Yellow Primrose - Made to Order
3. Fresh Green Rose - Made to Order
4. Bright Yellow Rose - Not Available
5. Dark Blue Rose - Made to Order
6. Sweet Pink Rose - Made to Order
 (I've run out of this particular bookmark, but there are others for you to select from. Just email me to check! :))

Materials: Lilac Faux Pearl, Deep Purple Round Faceted Chinese Crystal, Flower Disk Bead, Lilac and Purple Polymer Clay Rose, Believe in Love Charm
** note: Made to Order options may contain different beads (i.e. may not be faux pearls / round-faceted chinese crystals). Email me if you'd like to see how your preferred colour option will look like. :)

That's all, folks.
Email me at if you'd like to order / customise / just because.
Check out other bookmarks here :)

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