Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mystique 2.0 - Customised

Hello my friends. :)

Hope you're having a nice, relaxing Saturday. I woke up not too long ago, which was lovely. Ah, sleeping. My favourite hobby next to eating, singing and making accessories. Hard to make a living out of sleeping though, so here I am.

Back when I posted the Double Double, Toil and Trouble collection, the most popular item was the Mystique necklace, I guess because of the slightly unique twist where the toggle acts as part of the necklace. So when Soo Fong emailed me to say she wanted to order 6 of the Mystique necklaces for a reunion of old friends, I was quite happy to oblige. Due to the quantity, we decided to change it up a little, with 2 of the original, 2 in shades of grey, and 2 in different shades of purple, which you will see today. I've named it Mystique 2.0, coz I'm a geek, and proud to be one. :D
 On one side - clear purple Czech Preciosa crystals and lavender round faceted chinese crystals. On the other, a metallic purple Czech Preciosa crystal encased within a round double-twisted ring. Both sides are connected with twin chains.

The difference between this and the original Mystique is the colour of the Czech Preciosa crystals. Here, the embossed purple crystals have been substituted with clear purple crystals, and the purple AB crystal encased within the ring has been substitued with the metallic purple crystal.

Item Code & Name: 198 Mystique 2.0 (Customised)
Price: RM20.00
Status: [Sold 2], Available for remakes
Materials: Clear Purple and Metallic Purple Czech "Preciosa" Fire-Polished Glass Beads, Lavender Round-Faceted Chinese Crystals, Round Double Twisted Ring, Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 50cm (including clasp)

I'll be back tomorrow with the other Mystique necklace, this time in (50) shades of gray. Haha. Not really.

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Toodles. :)

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