Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Diamond Ring - Customised

Hi again!

It's funny that I'm posting about this particular accessory today, because the person who customised it - my colleague and friend Anujah, wore it to work this very day! :D

I love customising stuff, and I especially love customising stuff for people I know, partly because there's a much more personal touch due to our friendship, and partly because they'll probably be too nice to tell me that I suck if they're not happy with the trinkets that I make. So this is a shoutout to all mah homies who support mah hobby. I love you all! *smooches*

As you can see, I'm a little hyper. I had coffee today, you see. :D

Anyway, onto the trinket, which is the actual point of this post. If you remember the Double Double Toil and Trouble collection, where I took great glee in pairing things together and doubling all my chains, this Lockheart necklace was featured. Anujah has since time immemorial (do I get points for melodrama? :p) longed and pined for a double-chained necklace, and thus seized the opportunity to customise something similar, with different pendants. I love the result better than the original:
An elegant double-chained necklace with 2 corresponding geometric shapes as pendants - a diamond link and a round-double twisted ring link. At the time, I found it the most hilarious thing to call it Diamond Ring, since it features a diamond link and a ring. Who am I kidding, I still find it hilarious. :p Can't afford the real thing? Get yourself this necklace!  

 On the inner chain are tiny heart links flanked by metallic silver and burgundy round-faceted chinese crystals.

If Lockheart was demure and sweet, this necklace is elegant and regal, befitting a lady.

Item Code & Name: 196 Diamond Ring
Price: RM26.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Metallic Silver & Burgundy Round-Faceted Chinese Crystals, Tiny Heart Links, Diamond Link, Round Double-Twisted Ring Link
Measurements: Inner Chain = Approximately 43cm (including clasp), Outer Chain = Approximately 50cm (including clasp) + 3.5cm extender chain

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