Sunday, 9 March 2014

Live. Laugh. Love. | Words to Live By Collection: Part 4

As I am writing this post, there's still no confirmed news of the whereabouts of MH370. My heart goes out to the passengers and crew of the flight, and their family and friends. Please spare some time to pray for them, if you can.

Unexpected and inexplicable tragedies like these really remind you to cherish your life and your loved ones. Life is short, and one never knows what the future may bring. So as much as we can, let us live meaningfully, laugh with abandon, and love one another.

In some ways, Part 4 of the Words to Live By collection is quite apt for these times. Simply titled Live. Laugh. Love., may this be a reminder to you and me to make the most of this temporal place we call home.
 A keychain with grey AB, embossed white and metallic dark silver Czech Preciosa crystals, a slate blue daisy cabochon on a flower filigree, a chinese knot link and the focus of it all: a charm encouraging you to live, laugh, and love.
 This is my favourite of the collection, partly because of the slate blue daisy, partly because of the chinese knot link that has for me symbolised the bond of family and friends, and particularly because of the message. If there are any words one should live by, it is these.
Customisable in various Made to Order colours, as seen above and detailed below.

Item Code & Name: 190 Live. Laugh. Love.
Price: RM18.00
Status: Original (Slate Blue Daisy) - [Sold 2], Available for different remake (Alas, I have ran out of the embossed white Czech crystals - remakes will have to be substituted with some other crystal/bead)
1. Soft Peach Daisy - Not Available
2. Sky Blue Daisy - Made to Order
3. Translucent Peach Daisy - Made to Order
4. Light Lavender Daisy - Made to Order
5. Hot Pink Daisy - Made to Order
6. Dark Purple Daisy - Made to Order
Materials: Grey AB / Embossed White / Metallic Dark Silver Czech "Preciosa" Fire-Polished Glass Beads, Daisy Cabochon, Flower Filigree, Celtic Knot Link, Live Laugh Love Charm
** note: the Made to Order options may not contain Czech Preciosa Crystals, depending on the colour theme that you've chosen and depending on the availability of crystals in matching colours. Email me if you'd like to see how your preferred colour option will look like. :)

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Much love to you all.
Have a great week living, laughing and loving.

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