Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Empress

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I am sneakily writing this from work (on a Saturday T__T), so hopefully no one from work sees this. :p 

If you think the title of this post sounds regal, it is because it is intentionally so. My mummy has featured quite a bit on this blog, and here she is being featured yet again. Since I think she is super awesome, I always name the trinkets I made for her with royal themes, the first being Queen of Hearts, and now, The Empress.

When I think of the word empress, the mythical (or historical) regal, powerful queens of old come to mind. This one comes with an Asian twist, and the pictures below are self-explanatory.
 Turquoise blue cloisonne beads alternate mellow green faux-jade stones in this relatively simple piece. They bring to mind an ancient bygone era, where peasants paid respects to their reigning emperor and empress with their finest wares. Though I'm not one to love jade, I like the vintage touch of this piece. 
 Mummy fell in love with cloisonne beads at the same time that I did, so I decided to make this piece with some old gemstones of hers. Unfortunately, I have no idea what these mellow green stones are actually made of, but they're smooth and cool to the touch.
Item Code & Name: 194 The Empress
Price: RM26.00
Status: Available for remakes (if you don't mind that the jade-like gemstones are "pre-loved") 
Materials: Turquoise Blue Cloisonne Beads, Jade-Like Gemstones
Measurements: Approximately 17cm (including clasp) 

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