Sunday, 17 November 2013

Yuki no Hana | White Winter Hymnal Collection: Part 2

No winter collection is complete without snowflakes.

It speaks of the magnificence and specificity of God's creation, that these tiny little specks of snow are so beautifully intricate - patterns not visible to the naked eye but so delightfully complex when examined under a microscope.  

I previously made this pair of earrings for myself, as snowflake charms look so very pretty dangling from one's ears. As the second installment of the White Winter Hymnal Collection, these earrings are making a reappearance, now in a set with a matching bracelet.
Wintry shades - sparkling crystals in clear, silver and sapphire hues, paired with lovely snowflake links and charms.

Item Code & Name: SET019 Yuki no Hana
Price: RM20.00 (bracelet + earrings) - items can be sold separately, please look below.
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Please see below.
Sapphire, silver and clear crystals in varying cuts, capped off at the end with snowflake charms. These snowflake charms are especially eyecatching against a lovely mane of black / brown hair.

Item Code & Name: 002 Yuki no Hana (Earrings)
Price: RM8.00 (earrings only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Sapphire Round-Faceted Chinese Crystals, Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Clear Swarovski Bicones, Snowflake Charms
 Sapphire and silver-clear chinese crystal doughnuts form the chain of the bracelet, interspersed with pretty snowflake links and the same snowflake charm as the earrings.
Item Code & Name: 119 Yuki no Hana (Bracelet)
Price: RM15.00 (bracelet only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Sapphire and Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Sapphire Round-Faceted Chinrese Crystal, Snowflake Links, Snowflake Charm
Measurements: Approximately 17cm (including clasp) + 2.5cm extender chain

Whatchu waiting for?
Grab it while the November sale is still going on! :)

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