Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bella Flora (Berry)

Hang in there, it's Thursday! The weekend is near...

This week is a week of earrings, apparently. 

I have always loved the frosted flowers featured in this Petite Blossoms bracelet, and have been itching to make a pair of earrings featuring them. Finally came up with a simple design where the dainty frosted flowers hang like bellflowers from their stalk (in this case, the chain, dangling from your ear). I quite like the result:

 Sweet pink, fuschia and purple frosted acrylic flowers dangle from the chain like bellflowers, accompanied by tiny ivory pearls that resemble dewdrops in the early morning light.
Bella Flora - bella means "beauty" in Spanish, and I thought it would be a cute variation of "bellflower". I am probably butchering 10 different languages in the process. Go me! 

Item Code & Name: 126 Bella Flora (Berry)
Price: RM9.00 
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Light Pink, Fuschia and Purple Frosted Acrylic Flowers, Ivory Faux Pearls

I've made two variations of this pair of earrings. so this is the Berry-flavoured (I mean, Berry-coloured) one, and on Saturday I shall post one in Citrus tones! ;) This is what you get when a foodie makes accessories. Food-inspired accessory names. Shellfish lah, Berries lah. What's next? Chocolate?! Mmmmmm chocolate.

Remember, the sale ends at the end of November, so hurry!

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