Thursday, 11 December 2014

Spotlight - Inspired by Books and Movies

Hi hello from the land down under!

Why yes, my brother is graduating yet again, and I am in Melbourne yet again, like the awesomely supportive sister that I am. :) What this means is that I will be missing for a while from the Internet, and in my absence, I have scheduled a bunch of posts so you won't miss me too much. Heehee.

The first of these vacation posts will shine a spotlight on one of my pet-topics - the books and movies that I love! The three book/movie series that I love most have a lot in common - they are all epic stories of the struggle of good against evil, they are set in fantasy lands far away from reality, they feature flawed, believable protagonists that you love and root for and cry with, and all have spanned multiple books and movies and inspired legions of fans.
I'm talking about Harry Potter, the Hunger Games and the Lord of the Rings, of course. Such epic sagas of love, honour, courage and hope. I could go on for days, but I shall not bore you with all my rambling. Instead, I'll feature some pieces that have been inspired by these wonderful works of fiction. 

(The names of each trinket link to the original posts!)
 Patronus (RM18)
 Mockingjay (RM15)
 Tree of Gondor (RM20)

There are more accessories and trinkets inspired by these lovely franchises, which you can check out here:

Email me at if you'd like to order something!
My replies may be slow as I'm on vacay yeah, sorry!

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