Thursday, 18 December 2014

Spotlight - Asymmetry

- zis is a scheduled post as yours truly is still on holiday -

Now you must be wondering - why the blazes is there a picture of some lady with a cool hairstyle on a site that is supposed to be about handmade trinkets? To be fair, if you are the sort to pay attention to titles, you would've rightly deduced that this post is about asymmetry and the reason why that picture is here is because of her gorgeously stylish asymmetrical hairstyle.

I am in general a fan of logic and order and symmetry, though the occasional asymmetry does spice things up a little. So here is my little ode to asymmetry, as you can see in the pictures below. 

 Daenerys & Drogo (RM8) - but currently on sale!


 Cyan Blooms (RM9)

Nebula (RM34)

So if you like asymmetrical things, check out the asymmetrical tag for more goodies!

(replies may be slow as I am in the land down under)


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