Saturday, 26 July 2014


Expecto Patronum!

Silver light bursts forth
forming a corporeal manifestation of your most joyful, most positive, most indestructible memories
protection against the creeping lack of hope, incapacitating fear - that which seeks to destroy your soul and take away all joy.

If the above sounds like gibberish to you, this post will likely not make sense. For it is time, my friends, to indulge in a little love for all things Harry Potter again! Ah, Harry Potter. I suspect I shall love this fictional universe till I am old and grey. 

If you've been visiting this blog for a while, you would've seen some of my previous Harry Potter creations. Today, I bring you a Patronus necklace. The patronus charm, for the uninitiated, is a charm that wizards and witches cast as protection from Dementors - these creeptastic, soul-sucking creatures that feed on human emotions, make you relive all your worst memories, leaving you a shell of your former self. They are positvely (ha!) one of the worst and scariest "beings" in the HP universe. In fact, JK Rowling herself has said that she wrote about Dementors when she was clinically depressed - so dementors are often seen as a physical manifestation of depression - a metaphor for all the helplessness and lack of joy, and inability to hope. Wow, huh?

Conversely, each person's Patronus is a physical manifestation of joy, the fiercest, most hopeful memories that you have. I've loved reading about this charm ever since I read Prisoner of Azkaban - silvery light manifesting in some form that is important to you - Harry's being a stag - the animagus form of his father.

I have blathered on long enough. Picture time!
 A simple silver necklace with tiny silver crystals and pearls, a Joy charm, and Harry's patronus - the silvery stag that protected him against the soul-crushing fear and hopelessness that the dementors brought. I like to think of this necklace as protection for the wearer - hold on to your happy memories, think of the joy, and hope that those you love and you yourself can get through the worst of times.

 A close up look of the necklace - as you can see, the toggle clasp is placed in front, right at the end of the chain. I was experimenting with different placements, and quite like the placement of this clasp. :) (check out the Mystique necklace here, here and here for other unique placements)

(Newflash: yours truly now has short hair. :p )

Item Code & Name: 269 Patronus
Price: RM18.00
Status: Available
Materials: Silver-Clear Chinese Crystal Teardrop, Silver Faux Pearl, Clear Round-Faceted Chinese Crystal, Joy Charm, Stag Charm
Measurements: Approximately 44cm (including clasp)
If you like the Patronus necklace but would prefer another "patronus" (like a wolf or a dog - ahhh Remus and Sirius!), just email me and we'll see whether I have the charms to customise it for you!
Meanwhile, do check out the Harry Potter label for other tributes to that magical universe.
In other news, I will be in Harry Potter World in Osaka at the end of January 2015! Can't hardly wait! :D
Happy long weekend my friends!

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