Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lil Shroom | Jars of Clay Collection: Part 7

Hello everyone.

First things first -- my deepest condolences to the families of those on the MH17 flight. My heart goes out to the Malaysian Airlines employees too - two flights in such a short span of time. I can't imagine how the families and friends must be feeling. Wherever you are, say a little prayer for them, yeah?

Today marks the last part of the Jars of Clay collection! 

It's something quite simple, and to me, very cute. :3 Here's a handbag charm with a charm that may look pretty familiar - 
 Yup, you guessed it - this cute lil' shroom resembles the mushroom that we all know and love so well from Super Mario. Ah, I feel nostalgic just looking at it.
 A clover link and flower link with a shiny red pearl in between, leading to the adorable mushroom charm. 
Also available in made-to-order purple and pink options, below!

Item Code & Name: 266 Lil' Shroom
Price: RM12.00
1. Lil' Red Shroom - Not Available
2. Lil' Purple Shroom - Not Available
3. Lil' Pink Shroom - Made to Order
Materials: Shiny Red Faux Pearl, Clover Link, Flower Link, Mushroom Charm

The purple/pink shrooms will of course be accompanied by purple/pink pearls, not the red one. Unless you like it that way. :)

So to those who fancy a blast from the past, here's your chance to purchase something Mario related. :)

Just email me at

Also, do check out the clearance sale section!

Lastly, let's all be thankful for all that we've been blessed with. Love and appreciate the people around you, as life is as temporal as it is precious, and who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Have a happy blessed weekend, my friends.

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