Friday, 4 July 2014

Noir - Earrings

A long time ago
in a galaxy far, far away...

(Ok this is not a Star Wars post. Unfortunately. I would totally wear a necklace with an R2D2 pendant. Beep. Boop!)

I digress.

A long time ago, I made myself this simple black and silver bracelet called Noir. I never made a matching pair of earrings until recently, when inspiration struck after I bought the black pearls with gold swirls on them (as seen here). How I love the gold swirls! So here's a pair of earrings that take elements of the Noir bracelet, matched with those lovely black gold-swirly pearls.
 Silver-black and jet black chinese crystal doughnuts, circle links and black pearls with gold swirls.
Item Code & Name: 258 Noir
Price: RM8.00 
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Silver-Black & Jet Black Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Circle Links, Black Faux Pearls with Gold Swirls

Since these earrings were made as an a accompaniment to the bracelet, you can purchase both for the set price of RM20! :) Click here for more pictures of the bracelet.

Click here to find out how to order. :)

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