Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Butterfly Effect

Ah, the holidays are over.

Too short, these holidays are. Always too short. For those who are still on holiday, enjoy it till the last moment! For those who are back at work / school / reality - hope it'll be a smooth-sailing week for you. :)

Today's post is about butterflies!
I have this butterfly charm that I like a lot, which has featured quite a bit on Dainty Little Trinkets. So far, we've featured butterflies in your hair, butterflies on your wrist, butterflies dangling from your ears and butterflies dangling from your handphones. Now it's time for butterflies to adorn your neck - in the form of The Butterfly Effect. (Yes, I know the name is uber geeky. How could I pass up on the chance to use it?!)
A simple necklace with a butterfly link, and two burgundy crystal teardrops dangling from the butterfly. I spent some time arranging this necklace in a way that was stylish and aesthetically pleasing. :p 

This necklace matches the Spring Waltz earrings, so if you'd like a matching set, click here to see some pics!

Item Code & Name: 270 The Butterfly Effect
Price: RM15.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Burgundy Chinese Crystal Teardrops, Butterfly Link
Measurements: Approximately 41.5cm (including clasp), Extender = 3.5cm

If you'd like to add some butterflies to your collection, do email me @

That's all for now.
Au revoir!

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