Thursday, 7 August 2014

Eternal Flame

Happy Thursday - the weekend is near!

Today's post delves back into the land of the asymmetrical. It is also possibly one of my favourite creations ever, because of the simplicity of the design and the adjustable nature of the necklace. I think it's super cool. But then I think a lot of my creations are super cool. Haha, self praise = no praise, I know, I know. ◕‿◕✿

Onto the actual point of this post. First up - pictures!

 An infinity symbol linked to the other side of the necklace, ending with a flame-red Swarovski heart.

 Is this burning an eternal flame?

The special thing about this necklace is that the length of the necklace can be adjusted to suit your taste, simply by moving the infinity link up and down the chain from the other side. I shall illustrate with loads of gratuitous selfies of my own neck. I have more selfies of my neck than of my face. Heh.

 Exhibit A: Here's the regular length of the necklace. The infinity link falls a bit below the clavicle, with the Swarovski heart dangling down the sternum. (Gee, sure hope I haven't gotten my body parts wrong)

 Exhibit B: Not a fan of the plunging heart? Wear the necklace with the infinity link right next to the Swarovski heart.

 Exhibit C: My favourite. For dramatic effect, wear the necklace like a choker, with the Swarovski heart plunging down your... plunging neckline. 

In conclusion, I love this necklace! It's simple but it's fun and it's très chic to boot!
Would you like to make it yours today?

Item Code & Name: 275 Eternal Flame
Price: RM18.00
Status: [Sold 2], Available for remakes
Materials: Infinity Link, Swarovski Heart
Measurements: Approximately 43cm (including clasp), drop = 4.5cm (length adjustable to whatever you want it to be!)

If you like this necklace but would prefer a different coloured Swarovski heart, just email me!
Find out how to order here

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Close your eyes
Give me your hand darling
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand
Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming

Or is this burning an eternal flame?

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