Saturday, 30 August 2014



The shopping bug has bitten and I have been going on a half-crazed bead-shopping binge these past few days. I am now surrounded by a mass of my shiny new purchases and my eyes are gleaming with the sparkle reflected off of the beads and charms and I am slowly starting to transform into Smaug - he who hoards treasure and breathes fire at anyone who dares disturb him (I only wish I could be like him, haha).

Wow, that was a long monologue, but I guess this blog is basically one long, extended monologue from me, so I'm guessing you either skim over all my text and stare at pictures only, or you actually find my neurosis amusing. Heh.


Today's post is dedicated to Ren, who is a hardworking PhD student in the windy land of Wellington. She's always a ray (or multiple rays) of Sunshine, always a friend of the world and always ready for all sorts of fun and hijinks. Here's a little bookmark I made for her. (Ren if you're reading this, come back and claim it! Haha)
 A flower-and-sunny-yellow-themed bookmark: yellow and white-striped faux pearls, a diamond link, a gorgeous yellow rose and a Never Give Up charm.
Item Code & Name: 285 Sunshine
Price: RM22.00
Status: [Sold], Not Available (I've run out of this yellow rose, but I have roses of other colours. Email me if you're interested!)
Materials: Shiny Yellow & Yellow/White-Striped Faux Pearls, Diamond Link, Yellow Polymer Clay Rose, Never Never Give Up Charm

Ren dear, continue being the sweet, sunny person that you are. Keep on keeping on with your research work - I have no doubt that you'll get there, one step at a time!

Check out other bookmark designs here! All totally customisable. :)

For any orders / enquiries, please email

Thank ye!
Time to go back to staring at my preciousssssssss treasures.

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