Saturday, 9 August 2014

La Perla - Collection Masterpost

Ladies and gentlefriends,
it has been a while since the last collection - one month and three days to be exact - and so it is time to begin another. :)

Now, for the uninitiated, La Perla is predominantly known as a lingerie brand. I first heard of it from the mouth of Paula Abdul, on American Idol. Obviously I can't remember the context in which she was talking about lingerie on a reality tv show about singing (say what?!), but the words "La Perla" have stuck with me ever since.

This is obviously not a collection on lingerie, so I thought I'd explain that La Perla is spanish for Pearl. And this collection is a collection for all things pearly! Over the next week or so, get ready to see some accessory designs incorporating a variety of pretty, shiny faux pearls. 

So pretty right, this picture?
I mooched it off the internet. :p

A collection of dainty little pearl trinkets coming your way, starting from tomorrow - Sunday!

Part 2: Footprints
Part 3: Freedom
Part 4: Black & Gold
Part 5: Ombre

Check out some previous collections here.

See you real soon!

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