Monday, 11 August 2014

Rainbow Promotion with I Can't Sew - Part 2

Monday blues.

There's nothing like coming home from a traffic jam of epic proportions caused by a thunderstorm of epic proportions to find that your kitchen was invaded by intelligent (EVIL!) monkeys who managed to eat all your bananas, open your fridge, break half a dozen eggs, and take a dump as a "thank you", leaving your entire kitchen floor a bloody mess.

Hope your Monday is better than mine. :p

Anyway, here's our second collaboration with I Can't Sew for their Rainbow Proportion - a promo package in shades of blue (Monday blues!) and black (as black as my anger for those creatures!)
 A gorgeous work dress with cobalt blue peplum accents, matched with the midnight blue and black shades of the Dark Night bracelet and earring set.

Priced normally at RM86, this deal is available for only RM50! Again, super worth it, but only 1 package exists and it expires on 15 August, so go get it before time runs out!

Check out the promo package on I Can't Sew's webpage here ♥
Check out more pics and details of The Dark Night bracelet and earring set here ♥

May your Tuesday be better than your Monday!

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