Monday, 18 August 2014

Ombré | La Perla Collection: Part 5

- colours or tones that shade into each other; a gradient of colours.

Ombré has been all the rage lately in fashion. I've definitely coveted those gorgeous ombré hairstyles we see so much everywhere, and clothing with colour gradients are just so very pretty. Since the hairstyles are super expensive to get and maintain, I've gone for the next best thing - making "ombré" earrings!

Here's the last part of the La Perla collection, featuring faux pearls in a colour gradient -

 Faux pearls in a gradient of dusty pink - soft lilac - dusty purple - burgundy.
Item Code & Name: 280 Ombré
Price: RM8.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Dusty Pink, Soft Lilac, Dusty Purple, Burgundy Faux Pearls

Gotta love them colour gradients.
I think the soft sheen of the faux pearls and the combination of the gradient of colours are very pretty indeed, making them my favourite of this collection.

Thus ends another collection!

Orders? Enquries?

See you in the coming week for more new creations!

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