Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Madame Butterfly

Hello people!

Today's post features something I made for a friend, but because I haven't actually given this present to this friend yet, I'll have to be mildly cryptic. Once upon a time, my friend told me this joke:

Why did the man climb up a tower to throw butter out of the window?
To watch the butter fly!

Haha, what a ridiculously corny joke, but this friend of mine was tickled pink by it. She continues to be so amused that she can't say this joke without laughing her head off. We laugh because she laughs! 

Long story short, I've always associated butterflies with her.
So here's a little handbag charm for Miss A. If you're reading this, let's meet up soon so I can give this to you! <3
 A handbag charm with the alphabet A, a rosaline crystal, a vintage pink dahlia on an intricate flower filigree, a butterfly charm, and a Live. Laugh. Love. charm. Sweet and dainty, just like the one who'll be receiving this keepsake. :)
Item Code & Name: 274 Madame Butterfly
Price: RM19.00
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Rosaline Chinese Crystal Doughnut, Vintage Pink Dahlia Cabochon, Flower Filigree, Butterfly Charm, Alphabet Charm, Live Laugh Love Charm

This handbag charm draws inspiration from the items in the Words to Live By collection. Check that out here!
If you like handbag charms, there's more here!
Also, need I remind you that there's a clearance sale going on? :)


Happy birthday, A. May your life have lots of laughter and love in it, always.

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