Tuesday, 31 December 2013

For Anujah

Hurrah, it's the end of the year!

It also happens to be the birthday of my colleague and friend Anujah, who is, I think, frolicking along the pristine beaches of Batu Ferringhi at the moment. :D

Here's the bracelet and earring set I made for her -- it is in deep purple and rich burgundy tones, as she is a fan of rich, regal colours, and also quite fond of wine (or anything with alcohol ahaha). 
Crystals and pearls in various shades of purple, burgundy and black - Love in a Vineyard.

Item Code & Name: SET024 Love in a Vineyard
Price: RM28.00 (bracelet + earrings) - items can be sold separately, please look below.
Status: Not Available
Materials: Please see below.

 Love in a Vineyard sounds awfully like a Korean drama, doesn't it? Haha oops.
 A chain consisting of amethyst and burgundy chinese crystal doughnuts, bright purple and burgundy pearls, jet black helix crystals, a flower filigree, and the ever-lovely Amethyst blend Swarovski Heart.

Item Code & Name: 145 Love in a Vineyard (Bracelet)
Price: RM20.00 (bracelet only)
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Amethyst and Burgundy Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Bright Purple and Burgundy Faux Pearls, Jet Black Helix Crystals, Flower Filigree, Amethyst Blend Swarovski Heart, Heart Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 17cm (including clasp) + 2.5cm extender chain

A pair of classy earrings to match - the same burgundy pearls and black helix crystals, with rich burgundy crystal teardrops.
Item Code & Name: 146 Love in a Vineyard (Earrings)
Price: RM12.00 (earrings only)
Status: Not Available
Materials: Burgundy Faux Pearls, Jet Black Helix Crystals, Rich Burgundy Crystal Teardrops

Happy happy birthday, Jah Jah! :)
May the new year bring about lots of joy, adventure, coffee and wine. :p

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