Sunday, 15 December 2013

Spotlight - Silver-Blue

I mentioned my vacaaaaaation \o/ in the last post, but just in case you have just stumbled across this blog, I'm not actually blogging in real time at the moment. At the moment you are reading this, I am probably communing with kangaroos and wallabies and wombats in the great Australian Outback. Awesome.

I am hopefully also lying under the stars in our camping ground, staring at the awe-inducing silvery plethora of stars strewn across the night sky, clear and beautiful like you never see in pollution-infested Malaysia. 


Ah, the colours of silver and midnight blue. These two colours go so well with each other, and paint a picture of such understated glamour, mystery, and style. Loving these colours as I do, I have of course made a number of trinkets in this theme, as you can see below:

(Click on the accessory names to be directed to the original post of these accessories!)
 Moon River (Set: RM21)

If interested in purchasing, please email me at

As I am on vacay, may not be able to reply as frequently but rest assured that I will respond when I have time!

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