Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Spotlight - Pretty Pastels

Hi folks! I'm still traipsing around Melbourne, so this is a scheduled post. :)

Today's spotlight is on pretty pastel colours.

Ah, how I love pastel tones - baby blues and baby pinks, light lilac and cream tones. Love love love. They give the impression of such demure sweetness. Maybe I should wear more pastels, since demure sweetness tends not to be the impression I give people. *evil cackle* Anyway this post is not about me. Look at this image I found on the internet:

I don't know what they are (mochi? pao?), but I so want to eat them based on appearance alone. The front row has such pretty pastel colours. ◕‿◕

Here are some designs I've made in pastel tones - in dusty pink, rosaline, lilac and ivory tones.
(Click on the accessory's name to go to its original post.)
 Desert Rose (Set: RM31)
Arielle (RM21)

If you'd like to add some pastels to your wardrobe, look no further!
Email me at daintylittletrinkets@gmail.com
(replies may take a while as I am on holi-holi-holidaaaaay).

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