Saturday, 14 December 2013

Rosalind - Customised


I am on vacation in the land down under at the moment, so this is a scheduled post. I am not actually here. There is no spoon.

However, since I am an organised and well-prepared person (self praise is no praise, I know, I know), I have scheduled a couple of posts for the week that I am gone, so that I still have some sort of ~Internet presence during this Christmas season.


Here's a customised version of the Rosalind bracelet that I posted all the way back in June. My friend Anujah wanted to make a new bracelet for her mummy out of some cultured pearls from an old bracelet. Recycling is the way to go! She wanted something simple and dainty, as you can see below:
Tiny clear and rosaline round faceted chinese crystals accompany each vintage-pink coloured pearl. 

Status: Not Available
Materials: Vintage-Pink Cultured Pearls, Clear and Rosaline Round-Faceted Chinese Crystals

Enjoy your weekend!

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