Sunday, 22 December 2013

Nightingale (Pendant)

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As you are reading this, I am nearing the end of my holiday. *wails* I am probably on the flight back, napping in an uncomfortable Air Asia seat and drooling on my mummy's shoulder. Nice mental image there, huh? :p

Here's a very simple pendant I've made for myself, firstly because I adore this Nightingale pendant that has featured in my previous creations, and secondly because this particular pendant (as seen in the photo) had a few imperfections (one of the edges is slightly chipped), so I didn't want to sell it to a customer. It still looks quite ok, so I have made it mine! *moohahaha*

Simplicity - a sweet ribbon link connected to the intricate nightingale pendant. Chain is my own.

Item Code & Name: 131 Nightingale (Pendant Only)
Price: RM10.00 
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Ribbon Link, Nightingale Pendant

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