Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy 2014 + Mini Sale!


A new year begins...
I wonder what 2014 may bring?

Whatever it brings, I wish all of you good health, abundant joy, lots of love and a smidgen of adventure!

I'm here to blog about a mini-sale.
Two sets of trinkets are going on sale, and it is only limited to the currently existing, available set. 
Once the set is sold, prices will revert to what they originally were. :)

At approximately 30% off, they are a steal! 
(Click on the set names for more pictures)
 SET 003 Milky Way - originally RM45, now RM31! UPDATE: SOLD
SET020 Winter Wonderland - originally RM27, now RM19! UPDATE: EARRINGS SOLD

All it takes is an email to :D Hurry before someone beats you to it!

Terms and conditions:
1. Prices not inclusive of delivery charges.
2. Discounts only apply to the existing set (i.e. once it is sold and you request a remake, the original price applies).
3. Discounts apply to purchases of the full set (i.e. purchase of the individual items (e.g. earrings) will be at the original price)

Happy shopping, and have a wonderful year ahead!

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