Sunday, 5 January 2014

For Ivy

So it is Sunday evening. 
As this post is being published, I am probably on a flight back from Sarawak, feeling dejected at the idea of another work week that looms ahead. Yeah yeah, enough melodrama from me, I know. :p This is not a personal blog to spring forth all my whiny complaints, I know. On to the accessories, then. :)

In yet another "look what I got you for Christmas" feature, here are a pair of earrings I made for Ivy. Like Ai Li, Ivy is no stranger to this blog - in fact, if you click on this asymmetrical tag, lots of the items there were made for her. So last Christmas, I was faced with a dilemma - what was I to make for the reigning queen of asymmetry, the champion of mismatched things, that would somehow still appeal to my anal-retentive nature and love for order?

Voila - use the same ingredients but shake up the order a little!

 Sweet lilac roses on flower filigrees, with tiny clusters of silver/purple/rosaline pearls (the rosaline pearls are somewhat invisible due to my poor photoshop skillz), and larger lilac pearls. The asymmetry adds a dash of originality and quirkiness to this sweet, demure pair of earrings - much like the owner. :p
Item Code & Name: 144 Rosy Posy
Price: RM10.00 
Status: Not Available 
Materials: Silver, Purple, Rosaline and Lilac Faux Pearls, Lilac Rose Cabochons, Flower Filigrees

Have a good week ahead, my rosy little posies.
Remember that each one of you is a unique little blossom, ready to bloom and take on the world!

(Wow does that not sound like a motivational quote gone wrong? Heehee)

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