Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Interlinked and Intertwined


Here's post no. 23434 featuring more trinkets I've made for my family and friends for Christmas.

Here are two pairs of earrings featuring charms that I have since long ago (well 6 months anyway), taken to symbolise the bonds of friendship, the ties that bind, the connections that never truly break. These were made for friends that I haven't had a chance to give the presents to, so their names shall not appear here so the surprise isn't spoilt. Haha.

Celtic knots and round double-twisted rings - oh how our lives are interlinked and intertwined. If you tend towards the cynical and do not appreciate how cheesy I am being, then leave. :p This entire blog is a cheese-fest and I shall luxuriate in it!
 Celtic knot links and burnt-burgundy crystal teardrops. These teardrops are quite fascinating - certain facets come across as dark burgundy while certain facets shimmer with a burnt-gold sheen.

Item Code & Name: 164 Interlinked
Price: RM10.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Celtic Knot Links, Burnt Burgundy Chinese Crystal Teardrops
Round double-twisted rings with ivory pearls encased within, and sleek silver pearls that dangle at the end. I am quite fond of this pair of earrings, so much so that I made a slightly different pair for myself (to be featured sometime in the near future).
Item Code & Name: 165 Intertwined
Price: RM8.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Ivory and Silver Faux Pearls, Round Double-Twisted Rings

Here's to the bond of friendship and lives that are intertwined - may all of you who are reading this always have these deep connections, these ties that will never be broken, and love that will endure through all things.

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