Wednesday, 22 January 2014

CNY Collaboration with I Can't Sew - Part 3

Interrupting the current collection to bring you my latest and last CNY collaboration with I Can't Sew.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so head on over to I Can't Sew for some pretty awesome promotional packages, pretty dresses and pretty cheongsams!

To continue along these promotional packages' theme of dresses and blouses along the pink-red spectrum, here's a lovely pink shift dress that goes very nicely with Dainty Little Trinket's Darling Dahlias necklace.

The dress is very mod and chic, and also slightly looser on the waist to hide any effects of the binging you may or may not be doing during the festivities. I know I will be! I, for one, love the dress, as it's formal enough for work, and versatile enough for play. Matched with the sweet, simple Darling Dahlias necklace, you will be the very picture of poised, demure elegance.

The normal prices of these two items would add up to RM79, but it's instead going at RM55 - the dress's original price. So it's a free necklace, yo! What's not to love? :p

Check out the promo package on I Can't Sew's webpage here ♥
Check out more pics and details of the Seychelles set here ♥


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