Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fair Winds and Following Seas

One of the much-featured friends on this little blog of mine is Ai Li, my ex-colleague, fellow accessories enthusiast and sailor extraordinaire. She recently went from being a colleague to an ex-colleague, searching for greener pastures, or, perhaps more fittingly for a sailor - going on a voyage for new discoveries, new adventure, new land.

So I made her a little farewell present, a keychain as encouragement as she embarks on this journey into unknown seas.
 Ocean tones - chinese crystal doughnuts in shades of air blue and aqua blue opal, the alphabet A, a sailboat and an encouragement to never give up.
Item Code & Name: 294 Fair Winds and Following Seas
Price: RM12.00
Status: Available for remakes 
Materials: Air Blue Opal & Aqua Blue Opal Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Sailboat Charm, Alphabet Charm, "Never Never Give Up" Charm

​There is a phrase in sailing / marine-speak called "Fair Winds and Following Seas" - so that the winds are fair and comfortable as you sail, and the sea rolls in the same direction as the direction the sailor is headed. So that is my wish to you, my friend - wishing you a smooth sailing journey as you forge ahead and brave whatever comes your way!

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Whatever new journey you may be embarking on, dear readers, I wish you fair winds and following seas~~~~~

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