Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ombré - Collection Masterpost

Derived from the French word ombrer and the Latin word umbra is the word ombré, which has been all the rage with the hairstyling community lately, and looks like a trend that is here to stay.

Ah, colour gradients. Who doesn't love it when various shades of the same colour blend so prettily with each other, or when one colour gradates so seamlessly into the next. Loving ombré designs like I do, I of course had to make an entire collection dedicated to pretty colour gradients. :)

Inspiration for this collection comes from the Ombré earrings from the La Perla collection - my first attempt at making accessories with colour gradients. Here, have a pretty graphic:

And this "celebration" of colour gradients shall begin tomorrow, my friends, so stay tuned! 

Part 1: Cyan Blooms
Part 2: Olive Grove
Part 3: Indigo Hearts
Part 5: Celtic Frost

See you Sunday!


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