Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dark Vines

Hello ladies
(and occasional passerby-gentlemen)

The time now is 11.30pm so I shall keep this post short and sweet. :)

A lot of the trinkets on this humble little blogshop are made with faux pearls and chinese crystals, but it's nice to throw in the occasional natural stone / organic bead. :D Chrysocolla is a copper stone that ranges in colour from blues to greens. The chrysocolla beads that I have are dark green, with flecks of black and the occasional blue. They have featured in some of my accessories before - Tree of Gondor and Little Birds.

Naturally, I had to make something for myself featuring these naturally-occurring mineral stones. 

 Dark Vines - dark green chrysocolla beads, jet black helix crystals, and silver beads with tree branch engravings.
Item Code & Name: 295 Dark Vines
Price: RM11.00
Status: Available for remakes
Materials: Dark Green Chrysocolla Beads, Black Helix Crystals, Silver Beads with Tree Branch Engravings

All orders or enquiries can be made at :)

With that, I shall bid you adieu. 


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