Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday Stylefile #6

Hope everyone has had a peaceful and restful Sunday. :)

Didn't post a Sunday Stylefile last month, since I was hiatus, so this post is long overdue. I, of course, had a good time looking through a bunch of my favourite clothing sites and picking out some stuff that I covet. :D

The Sunday Stylefile is an avenue for me to match one of my accessories to some pretty clothing I've found on the internet. You can check out some previous stylefiles here! This month, the accessory in question is Purple Storm.
In stormy shades of black, dark purple and white, this bracelet features Lun Bawang beads painted with purple or black swirls, chinese crystal doughnuts and lattice links. I have tried to match this bracelet with 3 pieces of clothing in shades of white, black (and sometimes purple), as you can see below:

On ze left, with black swirls that match the Lun Bawang beads perfectly, the chic white Iron Gate Dress from I Can't Sew.
In ze middle, look sweet and feminine in this purple floral-printed Black Trimmed Floral Dress from Dressabelle.
On ze right, rock the cutesy/playful look with this gorgeous ash grey and white Geisha Floral Romper from Phat Culture.

*Disclaimer* I own not the images above, they are from the sites that I have credited. 
Click on the links to go buy them pretty clothes. :)
 If I wore rompers / playsuits, I would totally buy the piece of clothing on the right.

As with all previous Sunday Stylefile posts - remember that the Purple Storm bracelet (originally RM19) will be 10% off from now till the next Sunday Stylefile post in November - that's RM17! :) Check out more pictures of the bracelet here.

Have a good week ahead, my friends!

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