Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hoot! - Customised

Hoot hoot!
This is a post dedicated to all you night owls. :)

I don't actually know that much about owls, but they make such cute motifs for fashion. I have multiple owl shirts and owl earrings. :D My friend Kim has a relative (or was it a friend?) who likes owls too, so she decided to customise a bracelet and earring set for her, with inspiration drawn from this pair of Hoot! earrings that I made many moons ago. 
  A set for owl enthusiasts in shades of purple.
Item Code & Name: SET031 Hoot! - Customised
Price: RM23.00 (bracelet + earrings) - items can be sold separately, please look below.
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Please see below.
 Incorporating wings to make the owl look a little larger than life, this bracelet comes in purple and burgundy pearls and crystal doughnuts. Let your dreams take flight!

Item Code & Name: 226 Hoot! (Bracelet) - Customised
Price: RM17.00 (bracelet only)
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Bright Purple and Burgundy Faux Pearls, Deep Purple and Burgundy Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Wing Charms, Clover Link, Owl Charm
Measurements: Approximately 17.5cm (including clasp) + 2cm extender chain
 This pair of earrings is slightly different from the pair it was inspired by - with tiny lavender faux pearls and metallic purple Czech Preciosa crystals.
Item Code & Name: 227 Hoot! (Earrings) - Customised
Price: RM8.00 (earrings only)
Status: [Sold], Available for Remakes
Materials: Lavender Faux Pearls, Metallic Purple AB Czech "Preciosa" Fire-Polished Glass Beads

Order this at:

Accessories are always more worth it when purchased in sets as they are cheaper than when items are purchased separately! Check out other sets that I've made here.

Also, another reminder (haha, I know, I'm beginning to sound like a broken recorder) that a month-long sale is going on. It's the middle of the month already, so hurry hurry! Details here

If you like owl stuff, check out the Harry Potter tag - there are more little Hedwigs and Pigwidgeons there. :)

Hoot hoot. 
(That's owlish for good night. Good night, my friends.)

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