Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Key to Spring - Customised

Hope everyone has been having a lazy, relaxed Tuesday.
Ah, I do so love public holidays. Give me more, more, more!

Today's post is another customisation, this time from Angela for her friend who's turning (or maybe has already turned) 21! Ah, twenty one, when life is brimming with promise. I remember being 21, a long time ago. It is customary in Western culture to give young ones turning 21 a key, to symbolise reaching adulthood. The key to wisdom, adulthood, making your own decisions, taking control of your own life. Or something. ;)

Angela customised a bookmark for her friend, with a dainty key charm, which you can see below ~
 A flower-engraved bookmark with a celtic heart bead, a soft lilac pearl, a soft pink flower cabochon on an intricate flower filigree, a deep purple round-faceted chinese crystal and lastly - a heart-shaped key charm.
Whimsically named The Key to Spring for the sweet colour scheme and flower motifs.

Item Code & Name: 224 The Key to Spring
Price: RM22.00
Status: [Sold], Available for different remake (I've run out of this particular bookmark, but there are others for you to select from. Just email me to check! :) Also, I've run out of this particular flower cabochon - it can be replaced with a pink dahlia (seen here!))
Materials: Soft Lilac Faux Pearl, Purple Round-Faceted Chinese Crystal, Celtic Heart Bead, Pink Flower Cabochon, Flower Filigree, Key Charm

As always, customisation is possible! 
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Lastly, email me at daintylittletrinkets@gmail.com if you have any queries, orders, random thoughts.

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