Monday, 26 May 2014

Vacation Notice + SALE Reminder

Hola amigos!

Yours truly is going on a mini-holiday - gonna visit sunny Singapore to be a bridesmaid for my long-time uni friend. Fun times! :D

I will be away from 4-9 June, so here are the cut off dates for ordering and making payment if you want your orders to be mailed out by 3rd June:

Available items: Sunday 1st June
Made to Order / Remakes / Customised Items: Friday 30 May

If you're in no hurry, then no need to rush. As long as you make your orders by 31st May, the SALE still applies. Speaking of the SALE, you have less than one week left! Whatchu waiting for? Find out more HERE

When I'm away, I'll be responding to emails when I have wifi / when I have time. The bride's wishes are my command, so if I do not respond, it'll be because I'm off being a dutiful bridesmaid. I've prepared posts to be uploaded while I'm gone, so you'll still get your dose of me waffling on and on, so you don't miss me too much. (Haha who am I kidding... good riddance, right? :P)

I've rambled on long enough - good night.

p/s dear Malaysian badminton players. you've done us proud at the Thomas Cup finals. Keep on keeping on! <3

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