Thursday, 1 May 2014

1-Year Anniversary SALE! ♥

May has arrived, and with it the 1 Year Anniversary of Dainty Little Trinkets!

Ah, I am so blessed to still be here. :)

A massive thank you to all of you who visited this site once upon a time, and all of you who are still here, right now, reading this post. As a thank you to all of you, Dainty Little Trinkets will be having a massive month-long sale! So if you've been saving up for some accessories, now is the time! Read on ~

The SALE is valid for the whole month of May (last day 31 May 2014)!

The picture above already explains it all, but I shall type it out in text here:
20% discount for items marked "Available"! To search for available items, click here
5% discount for items marked "Available for remakes"! To search for these items, click here
"Made to Order" accessories also fall under the 5% discount category. To search for these items, click here

LIKE us on facebook now to receive an additional 5% discount for all "Available" or "Available for remakes" or "Made to Order" items! Essentially, if you have liked us on Facebook, you will receive a 25% discount for "Available" items and a 10% discount for "Available for remakes" or "Made to Order" items.  Pretty nice deal, yeah? :D

 Terms and conditions:
1. When "available" items are sold, I may not be able to update their status on this blog immediately. So always enquire to see if someone beat you to it. :p
2. To be eligible for additional FB discounts, please let me know your FB username and in the offchance that I can't see that you've liked the page, I may ask you to provide a screenshot. :) Please don't "unlike" the page after, as that will make me sad.
3. This sale is not valid with other ongoing sales. The sale that has better value for the customer will take precedence.
(e.g. 1: the Winter Wonderland set is already discounted to RM19, so is not eligible for another 25% off.
e.g. 2: The Elsa and Anna bracelets can be purchased in a set for RM32. However, if you purchase both available Elsa / Anna bracelets, the 25% off will be more worth it, so you will get that discount instead!)

Am I making sense? I hope I am.
If in doubt, contact me at and we can work out the math. :)

 So thank you again for a wonderful year, my friends.
I am truly grateful for your support and patronage.

Happy shopping!

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