Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pearl in a Cage

Work has been terribly exhausting this week, so forgive me if I am less coherent than usual (or rather, more incoherent than usual). Hope y'all are having a better week at work/school than I am. :) Wishing for the weekend already!

Today's post is simple - just a little pendant that I made, which you can purchase on its own to fit onto one of your well-worn chains. My mummy fell in love with it and has claimed it as her own, so it's available for remakes. :)

 A lone ivory pearl encased within a silver-plated cage - a pendant with a unique and elegant flair.

The daintiness of this pendant makes it suitable for everyday wear, perhaps matched with your favourite pair of pearl earrings.

Item Code & Name: 238 Pearl in a Cage (pendant only, the depicted chain is my own)
Price: RM8.00 
Status: [Sold], Available for remakes
Materials: Ivory Faux Pearl, Silver-Plated Bead Cage

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