Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hearts and Lace Collection - Masterpost

Lace has been all the rage lately.

Well, it's been all the rage for quite a few years already now, and will probably never go out of style. Not that one always has to keep up with fashion - do what you like, wear what you like, be whoever you wanna be, and all that jazz, yeah? :)

Nevertheless, since I am quite in love with all things lacey (see exhibit A and exhibit B), I have decided to dedicate an entire collection to all things lace!

Introducing... the Hearts and Lace collection:

Featuring a variety of hearts, lots of lovely lace, sugar, spice, and all things nice.

Part 2: Arielle
Part 3: Noelle
Part 4: Estelle

Decided to name the accessories a little differently this time - all with girl's names that end in -elle, because the names are pretty and represent the sweetness and femininity of the lace accessories pretty well. 

First post: Saturday - see you then!

It's almost the weekend; I feel it in my fingers (I feel it in my toesss)!

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