Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Vive la France | Little Black Dress Collection: Part 5


We're nearing the end of the Little Black Dress collection. Part 5 of the collection is an ode to France of sorts. Ah, France. Home of the language of romance, the city of lovers, escargots and rude people. The last one might be a stereotype, haha. 

I visited France as a little child, and only have hazy memories of those days. What I do remember is going up the Eiffel tower, and feeding pigeons up there. I love the Eiffel tower and all its beauty. This sentiment seems to be echoed by oodles and oodles of women, since there are Eiffel tower charms / pendants / accessories everywhere the eye can see! I, of course, jumped on the bandwagon. :)

Clear-silver and silver-black chinese crystal doughnuts resemble tiny, glittering lights that illuminate the Eiffel tower.
 The charm next to the Eiffel tower is the Fleur de Lis symbol - the national flower of France. Also note the inclusion of dainty mesh ribbon links - adding a little character to the otherwise sombre piece.

Item Code & Name: 099 Vive le France
Price: RM15.00 SALE: RM10.50 only (30% off, while item remains Available)
Status: Available
Materials: Clear-Silver and Silver-Black Chinese Crystal Doughnuts, Mesh Ribbon Links, Fleur de Lis Charm, Eiffel Tower Charm, Toggle Clasp
Measurements: Approximately 18.5cm (including clasp)

For orders/enquiries, email me at daintylittletrinkets@gmail.com
S'il vous plaît and merci. 

Au revoir.

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